User-Friendly Properties of Waterborne Coatings to Aid in Capturing Market Share of Solvent Borne Coatings

Five decades back, for all intents and purposes, all paint was dissolvable based. Once in a while alluded to as oil-based or alkyd paints, solvent-based coatings contain more elevated amounts of organic compounds than water-based coatings. These solvents or mixes encourage application, drying and the development of a strong, general paint film. On the negative side, when these mixes evaporate, they discharge Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the climate bringing about a solid scent and lethal effect on the earth. Stricter ecological controls have required paint makers to significantly decrease the levels of VOCs in their paints. These backlogs of solvent-borne coatings have led to the invention of waterborne coatings, which are more environmentally friendly and in addition ease of use have made these coatings a contrasting alternative to solvent-borne coatings. Following are the list of benefits which aided water-based coatings in capturing of solvent-borne coatings market share.

Lower VOC content, resulting in less impact on the environment. Low odor, a primary advantage when painting interiors or poorly ventilated areas. Quick dry times facilitating the application of a second coat. Better durability will save the time and money of users. Non-flammable, which lowers the risk of fire while handling flammable products. Easier handling and safer cleanup. These characteristics have supported in broadening the application scope of the coatings such as food packaging industry is employing water-based coatings for packing of food products as food is sensitive substance to deal with, this area requires environmental friendly and safer products. Therefore low VOC and odorless features of waterborne coatings made them preferred by the food packaging industry. On the similar lines, the logistics sector have started adopting waterborne paints for painting up of goods carrying vessels. In recent times the Chinese government has made it compulsory to coat all goods carrying containers to coat with low VOC coatings. As well as petrol storing and carrying containers are need to be coated with non-interactive and nonflammable paints. Hence, Petrol tankers are preferred being coated with waterborne coatings. Even water-storing plants are using waterborne coatings. Hence, because of its user-friendly properties, waterborne coatings are gaining traction over solvent borne coatings market.

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