Advanced Driver Assistance Systems market to shoot to a revenue of $165 Billion by 2018!

Nature of the market:

The Automotive Sector has lately been seeing a growing inclination towards safety and comfort of the passenger before anything else. This focus on safety of the passengers/driver is illustrated by the steps taken by automotive manufacturers, such as the introduction of seat belts, air-bags and ABS (anti-lock braking) in the vehicles, and also by the government legislations by making such devices compulsory.  With the advent of electronics and the internet in this segment, we have seen a quantum leap in the services now available to make the vehicle safe as well as comfortable for the driver.

Table of contents and insights:

One such development in the Automotive Electronics segment which has caught the attention of the automotive OEMs and other vendors alike is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS is basically a broad term used to refer to a number of technologies such as sensors, RADAR, LIDAR, integrated cameras and so on. These assist the driver, making his/her driving experience more safe and comfortable. ADAS combines the use of sensors and cameras and other “intelligent” devices to provide the driver with an all-round picture of what is going on in the surroundings of the vehicle and also has the capability to provide warning signal during emergencies.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market Analysis

adas marketSource: IndustryARC Analysis, Experts Insights

Main Drive of the Market: Increased importance of the safety factor among vehicles.

The global market for advanced driver assistance systems has grown substantially in recent years, as vehicle companies have increased the safety content of their vehicles in response to market and legislative pressures. In essence ADAS features focus on increasing the automatic or autonomous control of the car’s behavior, independently of the driver, and/or providing the driver with increased information on road conditions to improve his/her driving performance.

IndustryArc Estimates, the ADAS Market is expected to rise to $ 165 Billion by 2018! The overall CAGR of this market according to our estimates is more than 50%.

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Key Players of the Market:

  •    BMW
  •    Ford
  •   General Motors
  •    Toyota
  •    Robert Bosch
  •    Delphi
  •   Continental AG

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Interesting insights:

  • The European Commission and Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) regulations about making autonomous-emergency braking (AEB) technology part of European crash evaluations from 2014, mandatory application of TPMS and also LDWS will be the major growth drivers for the market.
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous cars being developed by auto OEMs is making the ADAS market progress at a very fast rate in the technology perspective.
  • The aftermarket sales of driving assistance systems have seen a multi-fold increase over the years especially in rapidly growing market such as China.
  • With costs of the advanced driving systems coming down, this has seen a rise in the demand for these systems not only in high-end luxury cars but also cars in mass production.
  • Suppliers such as Continental and Robert Bosch etc., are working closely with OEMs right from the product concept to develop low-cost ADAS such as LDW systems, traffic sign recognition systems, intelligent headlamp control systems, and driver monitoring systems for the Medium-sized Cars and Compact Cars segments

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