APAC is Projected to witness Brisk Growth Rate in Security Screening Market

Security screening involves the scanning of the individuals and their belongings including baggage, wearing and some others to restrict the carriage of lethal weapons or other harmful substances. Increasing threats due to terrorism and some other unethical and unlawful practices has been stimulating the adoption of security screening systems in the locations including airports, railway stations, check points and various other public places. Security screening has been assisting in preventing the financial, economic and human loss owing to the unethical practices.

Increasing number of security threats in the countries of APAC from the recent past has pressurized the government and organizational bodies to implement stringent regulations with regards to the deployment of security screening systems at the public locations. Increasing number of commercial locations such as tourist sites and other work locations especially in the countries including China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia & New Zealand owing to the tourist inflow has boosted the adoption of these systems. X-Ray systems are the most widely used owing to the increasing inflow of weapons from the terrorist organizations into APAC economies.

In the APAC region, there are several developing countries are the growth of these economies combined with the increasing investments for the commercial constructions is projected to provide enormous opportunities for the market growth of these systems. Countries like Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia has remained as the attractive markets for the commercial public buildings construction from the FDIs. In addition, increasing homicide cases coupled with the low police to population ratio has also triggered the adoption of security systems in the commercial locations such as shopping malls and educational institutions in this region. India witnessed third highest terror attacks in the year 2016 as per the US State Department. Although India ranked third among countries that experienced the most terror attacks in 2016 which has been escalating the need of security screening systems market growth in this region.

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