APAC & ROW are Projected to Witness Brisk Growth Rates in Enteral Feeding Formulas Market

Over the past two decades, there is a continuous rise in the utilization of enteral feeding if a patient is unable to take nutritional requirements orally, but they have an accessible gastrointestinal tract. With the rise in incidences of chronic diseases and disorders, increasing geriatric population and healthcare expenditure, surging prelevance of pre-term births and increasing demand for the home-based care have been boosting the enteral feeding formula market in the recent years. Key companies operating in this market are primarily focusing on channeling their sales on disease specific solutions and formulas prominently for cancer, HIV and other cardiovascular diseases.

APAC & RoW are projected to witness the growth rates of CAGR of 10.42% and 10.82% during 2017-2023. Increase in the consumption of tobacco that causes oral cancer and increasing percentage of aging population suffering either from paralysis or unable to swallow food especially in APAC region and increasing number of deaths due to malnutrition in Africa along with oral cancer being reporting as the one of the common problem in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia have paved the way for the usage of enteral feeding formulas in these regions. one in four South Africans is affected by cancer and more than 100,000 South Africans are diagnosed each year has increased the demand for the enteral feeding products to deliver nutrition complete food to these patients in the recent years which in turn have been boosting the need of enteral feeding formulas in the recent years.

Though the incidences of cancer in China are comparatively low, but the rise in new cases each year and increasing aging population, people suffering from chronic diseases and increasing demand for home care in Japan and severe consumption of alcohol, tobacco and betel nut chewing have been increasing the number of cancer patients in India and rise in the number of people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases in other countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan among others has elevated the need of these enteral feeding formulas for the feeding of people suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases to avoid them from malnutrition across all the countries made APAC to witness brisk growth rate along with RoW in enteral feeding formulas market.

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