Applications in Burn Wound Healing to Drive Tissue Engineered Skin Substitute Market

Tissue engineering aims at regenerating the diseased tissues through a combination of in vitro and in vivo processes. Tissue engineered skin substitute cannot completely simulate the complexity of human skin, either in form or function. However, advancements in tissue engineering and development of novel skin tissue substitutes are providing significant opportunities in the treatment of burn patients especially in the case of large burn wounds. Healing of burns and chronic wounds involves a multi-step process requiring intricate harmonisation of different cell types, such as keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes and endothelial cells within the wound healing environment. Managing burns and complex non-healing wounds was up to reducing morbidity and achieving satisfactory survival previously. However, tissue engineered skin substitutes have taken it to the next level by improving the long-term prognosis, function and aesthesis of healed wounds.

Large skin defects resulting from burns, trauma, congenital giant nevi, and disease can lead to skin necrosis and represent a challenge to achieving skin coverage. Despite the need for improvements, tissue-engineered skin substitutes are considered a promising strategy for treatment of clinical burns and injuries, as well as for biochemical studies in basic research. Acute thermal injuries or burn wounds require special medical treatment and has affected millions of people globally with approximately 265,000 deaths annually. The improvements in burn wound care and tissue engineered skin substitutes has resulted into increased survival rate in admitted burn cases over the past few years. Tissue-engineered skin substitutes are significantly used to reduce scars and lesion contractures leading to improve the quality of life of the patients. As per IndustryARC, Tissue-engineered skin substitutes market generated revenue of $397m in 2016 from its applications in the treatment of burn injury and is forecast to grow with a CAGR of 15.9% during 2017-2022.

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