Applications for Polymethacrylimide (PMI) Foams in Aerospace Sandwich Structures

Polymethacrylimide (PMI) foams have been widely applied in aerospace engineering as the core material of sandwich structures. It has been presented as the material of basic sandwich core for aviation structures since 1971 and today this material is recorded in more than 170 aviation particulars overall. Other than its high particular quality and particular solidness, the inotropic and closed cell character of PMI foams gives a sensational change over other foam materials like aluminum foams. PMI foam is mainly used in the components of helicopters, missiles, and space vehicles. Therefore, the aerospace & defense application accounts for the largest share in the PMI foam market.

Europe is dominated market for the PMI foams followed by North America and Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific region is the third largest market for PMI foams; however, the region is estimated to witness the highest growth rate in near future, as the use of PMI foam in aerospace and defense, wind energy, sporting goods, and transportation applications continues to increase in this region.