Biodiesel: Green Energy Efficiency

Biodiesel is a type of green fuel that can be used in any type of blend with petroleum diesel oils. Biodiesel is generally derived from vegetable oils, animal fats, algae and few others. Various research and developmental activities are being carried out in this area in focus of producing biodiesel in a more efficient and cost effective way. Fossil fuels are on its depletion stage and dependence on renewable sources of energy is increasing day by day. There are various sources of renewable form of energy around us like solar, tidal and wind power but major constrains associated with using these type of energy sources are modification that need to be made on existing equipments and machineries in order to use these sources. Biodiesel has an advantage over this. These fuels can be used in any type of engines and equipments ranging from cars to aircraft with no modification of the existing equipments. Biodiesel can be used as an alternative fuel, fuel additive or lubricating additive in engines. Engines using biodiesel as fuel can give same torque, mileage and performance as that of engines using conventional fuels. The major trend driving the market for biodiesel is sustainability which could be attained using these fuels.

Biodiesel is environment friendly, non-toxic and creates no environmental pollution. Usage of conventional fuels can cause emission of pollutants which can add on greenhouse gases (GHG) to the environment, thereby causing global warming and paving way to various health issues. Biodiesel involves no emission of pollutants which is carcinogenic and carbon components which causes global warming. To protect the environment from further heating, industries are adopting this biodiesel. Moreover biodiesel is readily biodegradable and causes no harm to the environment. Marine industry is majorly depending on this biodiesel to be used in vessels and cruises as they involve no emission of black smoke and other hazardous pollutants which will affect the oceanic ecosystem. Biodiesel does not involve the emission of sulphur oxides which is a harmful for respiratory system thereby creating less health issues in humans and animals. Recent studies had indicated that usage of biodiesel as fuel can reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 78%. Not only by application biodiesel is environment friendly over conventional fuels but by the extraction methods also. Extraction of fuel from crude involves release of chemical compounds like benzene and butadiene to environment which is hazardous to animals, plants and humans whereas biofuel refineries use vegetable oil and animal fats for producing biodiesel thereby involves less release of toxic chemicals into environment.

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