Burgeoning Artisanal Bakers and Product Innovations in Bakery Products to Fuel the European Bakery Market Growth

The bakery market is experiencing a favorable growth in the food and beverage industry. In Europe, an average of 65% of the total population falls into 15-64 age groups which is the major consumer group of baked goods. The consumption of baked goods is growing owing to increase in the intake of non-GMO, gluten-free and sugar-free food products. Innovation in the bakery market has become a significant sales driver in recent years. Manufacturers are particularly concentrating on packaged/industrial bread, owing to the increasing demand for bakery products suitable for specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free.

Improvisation of baked goods such as biscuits and cookies with various special ingredients are preferred by most of the consumers. The increase in a number of new products containing flour types other than wheat such as rice flour and chia flour is a current trend, particularly in biscuits and cookies segment. With the growing demand for nutritional food, manufacturers are implementing new baked goods which contain ancient grains and sprouted grains such as chia and quinoa. Manufacturers are innovating products based on consumer needs and health concerns. Owing to increase in hypertension among 15-64 age group, consumers are focusing their attention on low sodium based baked food. Celiac disease is very common in the U.K. and has led to the high adoption of gluten-free baked products in the country.

Companies are labeling their products with the ingredients used, nutritional value and certifications for wider adoption by consumers and to avoid product switching. Bakery products from artisanal bakers are high in demand. Artisanal bakers sell baked products prepared in-house and not procured from other manufacturers. Products offered by artisanal channel are popular in Europe as they provide wide varieties of flavored and stylish baked products. Adoption of a variety of flavors and ingredients as per the consumer’s interest may foster the bakery market in Europe region in next few years.