Regular Initiatives for Stimulated Trainings to First Responders Across the World for CBRN Operations

A CBRN attack destroys the nation’s wealth, human & animal life and also the environment. To combat this situation, several measures such as CBRN awareness, post CBRN attack programs, CBRN exercises, training and many more are taken by the state and national government, association bodies and others. Among those programs, stimulated training is one, which is to make the fire fighters, army, marine and others to learn on how to deal with the practical CBRN situation.

In December 2015, 2nd Transport Support Battalion marines had handled a stimulated chemical threat conduced at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, U.S. In this training, marines were learned on the several procedures of self-decontaminating in a CBRN attack. Japan’s Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 (MWSS-171) marines had successfully executed the stimulated decontamination exercise in November, 2015 to prepare for the unforeseen chemical attacks.

In November 2015, as a part of Advanced Consequence Management (ACM) course, the CBRN experts from U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve had trained the ACM students on how to respond in a CBRN attack. The training covers the events on how to protect against and what type of protective clothing to wear on release of anhydrous ammonia, chlorine gas and other chemical weapons.

CBRNE Detection Equipment Market By IndustryARCAll these programs reduce the damage after and during the CBRN attack and also aid the nation in fighting against CBRNE attacks. So, regular stimulated trainings are conducted on CBRN situations, new technologies, products, CBRNE weapons and so on. Known its importance, all the countries across the globe are preparing their CBRN fighters with regular trainings and also increasing the budget allocations for these programs.