Color Changing Packaging is the Next Gen for Color Masterbatches

It is extraordinary what colors can do. It is equally extraordinary what manufacturers’ imagination can do with these colors. There are many companies which are into the manufacturing of color masterbatches which continues to set standards for best practices in the development of color masterbatches for plastic packaging. In a market where elegance and artistry are the dominant packaging concerns, worldwide project rollout and product safety must satisfy local and global regulations, color masterbatches offers one, a seamless transfer of color and information, focusing on all project requirements to make the undertaking successful, which in this case is color changing packaging.

Packaging industry is one such industry, wherein continuous innovation is needed. Demand for safe and high quality food products, along with the changes in consumer preferences have led to innovation in the developments of packaging materials being used. Packaging plays a crucial role in the food industry because of its imperative advantages that helps protect the product against ill environmental effects and provides the consumer with greater ease of usability. Of the different techniques present in the packaging industry, active and intelligent packaging has earned a lot of attention. Active packaging deals with actively changing the condition of the product by extending its shelf life or improving food, while maintaining the quality of the food. On the contrary, intelligent packaging has the ability to monitor the product, sense the environment inside or outside the package, and communicating with the consumers.

One such emerging technology, with potential to revolutionize the packaging industry is the use of color changing plastics. This is possible only with the use of color changing masterbatches. These masterbatches can be added to standard plastics, to create a radiant and vibrant change of colour which is gauged by changes in temperature or UV light.

Color changing plastics can be considered one of the innovative technologies in the recent past which will benefit not only consumers but manufacturers and regulatory bodies to gauge the condition of the products. In collaboration with scientists and experts across the world working on the development of this technique, the safety, security and quality of food products can be improved. In addition, consumers can get the benefit of having the assurance that the foods they purchase are of good quality and safe from harmful chemicals and microorganisms. This will only enhance the market for color masterbatches going forward.