Combination of Ion-beam-assisted deposition (IAD) and reactive magnetron sputtering using Tantalum-Oxide can turn out to be a promising technique for high quality thin film metal coating used in optical application

Ion-beam-assisted deposition (IAD) is a vital technology for metal oxide thin film deposition which is mostly applied in optical filters or optical waveguides for dense wavelength division multiplexing. Moreover, it can enhance the properties of the film such as adherence, stoichiometry, film density and refractive index. This combined technique of IAD and reactive magnetron sputtering deposition utilizes a surface modification at low temperature and low pressure. Furthermore, it may be considered as one of the propitious emerging method.

Recently, an experiment carried out in South Korea proposed the deposition conditions for ion-beam-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering with a combination of argon and oxygen gases to fabricate low-loss optical coatings. It was observed that high quality metal-oxide films require low inert gas having pressure in the range of 5.0*10^-5 Torr to 1.5*10^-4 Torr by reducing the amount of reactive gas. O2 gas along with Ion-beam-assistance magnetron sputtering was found to enhance the deposition rate as well as improve the optical and the structural properties of the films due to the evasion of target oxidation, high refractive index, high transmission in the visible and near infrared regions, and thermal and chemical stabilities.

In reactive magnetron, the deposition rate is interrelated with sputtering yield which depends on the sputtering current. Since, Argon (Ar) ion has higher mass than that of O2 ion, it was observed that the refractive index of the Ar ion-beam-assisted films is higher than those of the 50% and 100% O2 ion-beam-assisted films. Therefore, overall, a combination of Ar and O2 ion-beam assisted reactive magnetron sputtering technique was witnessed to produce enhanced films with low absorption at a high deposition rate which is highly utilized for application like optical coatings and optical filters.

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