Confectionery Processing Equipment Market 2019-2026 Forecast Report: Analysis by Industry Size, Share, Forecast, by Product Type

Confectionery Processing Equipment: Innovative Technology for Better Choices

What is a confectionery processing equipment?

Confectionery Processing Equipment refers to the machinery that is used for the production of confectionery products. These equipment are available in a variety of specifications and for the manufacturing of a variety of sweet confections such as hard candies and a range of chocolate confectionery. Examples of these types of machinery include cotton candy machine, chocolate machine, and candy making machine, among others.

Different Products, Types & Mode of Operation

Extrusion equipment is a type of equipment and is estimated to have the highest growth during the forecast period 2019-2025. This is because extrusion equipment can be used to create Confectionery of different shapes and sizes. Technological advancements have resulted in the creation of machinery that is efficient by production-wise and energy-wise. Innovative products with various tastes, shapes, and sizes have a rise in demand. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well. In the mode of operation segment, automatic equipment is currently dominating the market because automatic equipment reduces labor costs as well as time.

North America is the largest market for confectionery processing equipment

North America leads the global confectionery processing equipment market. This is owing to the high demand for innovative confectionery products in this region. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness a high growth rate in the coming years. This is owing to increasing demand for functional and premium confectionery products and the establishment of key confectionery players in this region. Rapid technological advancements, as well as rising demand for confectionery items in major cities in these areas, have also resulted in the growth of the confectionery processing equipment market.

Market Drivers

The introduction of premium products such as chocolates with exotic flavors and inclusions into the market has resulted in the overall growth of the confectionery processing equipment industry. Moreover, the rapid growth of the retail sector and the establishment of new companies in the APAC regions are other important factors aiding the demand for processing equipment. The availability of machinery with a variety of specifications is further contributing to the market growth. The market is also driven by the rising demand for innovative products such as nutritious candies and confectionery with enhanced exotic flavors.

Confectionery Processing Equipment Industry Outlook

The manufacturers of confectionery processing equipment to address the increasing competition in the market are adopting various strategies. Increasing products with different specifications are a common trend being witnessed in the market. For instance, GEA Group, an equipment manufacturer have released a new confectionery processing equipment which forms, cools, coats, and wraps lollipops. The name of the equipment is GEA Aquarius CoatingLine, and it features fully automatic preparation. Similarly, Aasted recently launched a new extruder and depositor named Alice II. The company claims that the equipment is built on an innovative concept that gives more control and freedom without compromising the quality of products.

The confectionery processing equipment top companies are Robert Bosch GmbH, Bühler AG, GEA Group, Alfa Laval, JBT Corporation, Aasted, BCH Ltd., Tanis Confectionery, Baker Perkins and Sollich.