Connected Vehicles are the Future for Safe Driving

Connected vehicles refer to communication technology that allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles or infrastructure. Communication between vehicles and infrastructure is essential in order to provide safety and enhance reliability in transportation systems. It can drastically reduce the number of fatalities and injuries owing to accidents on highways and roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over 5million crashes on roads where 30,000 people die while many people suffer from serious injuries. Moreover, owing to traffic congestion, extra amount of fuel is consumed leading to lower efficiencies. According to 2015, Urban Mobility Report, nearly 42 hours are wasted by the drivers in a single year due to traffic congestion. Incorporation of connected vehicles can cut the delay travel time by more than a third. Also, connected vehicles can reduce 80% of the crashes which can prevent million crash related injuries every year.

Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) is a wireless communication that offers high speed data transmission between vehicle to vehicle for safety applications. Various organizations such as AASHTO, U.S. DOT and many automotive manufacturers are focusing on extensive research on connected vehicles and implementing DSRC technology in transportation systems in North America region. Significant progress has been achieved in the research, understanding the opportunities and development of connected vehicles with respect to DSRC Technology. Several trials are being conducted in the region starting from year 2013 to implement DSRC technology in vehicles. Governmental regulation for safer transportation coupled with strong innovative culture in the region will drive the DSRC technology. DSRC technology for vehicle to vehicle communication is also expected to be opted in other region across the globe, once the regulation in the U.S. is mandated. Other application of DSRC technology for connected vehicle are blind spot warning, forward collision warnings, Sudden braking ahead warnings, intersection collision avoidance, commercial vehicle clearance and safety applications, traffic and travel condition data for improving traveler information and maintenance services among others.

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