Crystal oscillators are electronic devices that use the vibration of a piezoelectric material to create an electric signal of a particular frequency. Crystal oscillators are used to track time, provide stable signal or maintain frequency of a device. Crystal Oscillators are categorized as harmonic oscillator circuit that utilizes piezoelectric crystal to generate the desired frequency for controlling plethora of electronic devices. Crystal oscillators have exhibited high penetration in the military sector in recent years and this is projected to continue

Military applications are a driving force for the crystal oscillator market. The military market for crystal oscillators is vast covering everything from avionics to communications to precision guided weaponry. The growing military budgets in APAC and Middle East regions in countries such as China, South Korea, UAE will result in increased sales of weapons and devices that utilize crystal oscillators. The Space industry represents a growing part of the military segment which will result in a significant spur for the crystal oscillator market. These budgets have also resulted in increased spending on space exploration projects. Space exploration is also set to receive a boost as the private sector increases investment in this industry over the next few years.

Crystal Oscillator Market By IndustryARCCrystal oscillators utilized in the space industry need to be able to function in high temperature, high radiation and high pressure conditions. These crystal oscillators need to be highly rugged and stable in order to provide accurate results in these conditions. These oscillators are required to pass rigorous testing before they can be utilized in space. Typical applications in the space industry include Deep Space Exploration, Commercial & Defense Satellites and Ground Base ICBM Silos. The growing influence of the Indian, Chinese and Japanese space programs has resulted in growing focus on the Asian market for the space crystal oscillators. The European and North American space agencies have also increased space exploration missions and thus crystal oscillators are set to exhibit significant growth in this sector. The space industry for crystal oscillators is set to grow to $56 million by 2020 as increased private investment in this sector drives the market.