There has been continuous rise in data generated from on-board systems of automotive and telematics systems for the automakers to comprehend customers or consumers driving behaviour & preferences. Automakers are being increasingly focusing on understanding customer needs & requirements and their behaviour in order to develop and build compelling, differentiated systems and technologies throughout the lifecycle to strengthen their market position and to sustain in competitive environment.

Driver consumers will continue to demand greater engagement in services and other delivery models with automakers and automakers are extremely interested to accommodate the connected technologies in the automobiles. Changing consumer preferences, tightening regulations with regards to vehicle safety and comfort and technological breakthroughs has been pressurizing the automakers to comprehend customers and to develop products or automotive technologies has been stimulating the adoption of customer behaviour & management analytics in automotive industries. Customer data integration across the sector or organization and desire to create a single integrated view of the customer has been stimulating the demand for the analytics in the customer behaviour and management.

Customer relationship management (CRM), dealer management systems, demographics and customers sales databases and so on. Customer analysis is the key to marketing and business, especially now that companies and enterprises are making the shift to customer centricity. Many automotive enterprises are taking advantage of customer analytics software to create a powerful, personalized customer experience and improve their bottom line and 70% of the consumers from Americas & Europe has been demanding for enhanced customer experience which has been pressurizing automotive companies to utilize customer management analytics to understand consumers.

In 2016, the worldwide cloud systems customer management software saw significant increase in demand for monitoring and analytics solutions optimized management of consumers. Companies such as SAS Institute, Inc. (U.S.), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Microsoft, Inc. (U.S.), SAP SE (Germany) and so on has been increasingly providing customer management software specific to automotive industry.

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