Dairy Processing Equipment Market Research & Forecast Analysis

How is milk available all year round? Dairy Processing Equipment.

What is the Dairy Processing Equipment?

Dairy processing equipment is used to perform various operations in milk products such as storing milk, clarification, homogenization, separations, pasteurization, and other operations. With advanced and unique techniques, farmers have found it easier to store milk without the concern of spoilage.

Different Devices Used in the Processing of Dairy

The dairy processing equipment is designed to be fully automated right from obtaining milk using milking machines, technologies for heating and storing pasteurized milk at the right temperatures for the treatment of bacteria and to reduce enzymatic activity. Mixers are used to add dissolving powder and liquid to help prolong the life of the milk. Specific equipment is also used in the separation process of milk to segregate into fat solids and skimmed milk. Further dairy products are processed by evaporators and drying devices, which transforms the state of the milk. Evaporating and drying produce fresh cream and when completely dried, results in concentrated milk powder. Butter churner is used to convert cream into butter. Membrane filtration equipment is the most widely used for equipment for dairy processing. It is majorly used for concentrating processed milk before transportation. The concentrating of milk is done for reducing carbohydrate content in the milk, and for removing bacteria during the production process. Some of the major membrane filtration technology used are microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nano-filtration, and reverse osmosis. The milk frother is used to improve the texture of the milk further.

North America and the Asia Pacific are the growing markets for Dairy Processing equipment. Why?

The demand for dairy products has skyrocketed now than ever before. It has been increasing steadily in the North American countries, and the U.S. also is the largest producer of dairy products. Thus, the Dairy Processing Equipment industry share in the U.S. has momentously started to grow to ensure the freshness of milk and quality products.

Asia Pacific region is estimated to dominate the dairy processing equipment market size as this region is projected to be the fastest-growing in the dairy production sector. China is a promising market for Dairy processing equipment because of their dietary habits of incorporating more dairy products.

Market Drivers

The Dairy Processing Equipment Market is poised to grow, owing to the factor that the demand for dairy products are on the rise. To cope up with the market demand, farmers have to collect and store the milk in containers for longer periods of time to meet the market demands and for being used as raw material for producing dairy products.

The market for processed dairy products like cheese, butter, heavy cream, milk powder, long-life milk, whey protein powders, and others have also increased resulting to the growing demand for automated dairy processing equipment among producers.

Dairy Processing Equipment Industry Outlook

The manufacturers of Dairy processing equipment in order to address the increasing competition in the market are adopting various strategies. Increasing investments in R&D, acquisition of firms in a similar market, product launch, were witnessed in the market. For instance, Alfa Laval had acquired Olmi S.p.A, a company operating in the heating and cooling of food and other materials. It would help Alfa Laval have better control of the temperatures at which different substances are to be stored. Thus, delivering equipment for storing milk at appropriate temperatures. Similarly, GEA Group has also launched equipment by the name, “NiSoPURE,” which helps increase the shelf life of milk reduced amount of energy, and water.

Dairy Processing Equipment top 10 companies include A Process Systems, Alfa Laval Corporate Ab, GEA Group, IMA Group, IDMC Limited, SPX Corporation, Scherjon Equipment Holland B.V., Tetra Laval International S.A., The Krones Group, Terlet Process equipment, and systems.