According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Dosing Systems Market By Technology Type (Diaphragm, Piston, Peristaltic) By Application (Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processes, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Pulp & Paper, Agriculture & Pesticides, Textiles and Others) and By Geography 2018-2023”, the market is driven by the rapidly growing industries such as oil & gas, water treatment, power generation, chemical processing, food & beverage, etc.

Europe to dominate the Dosing Systems Market during the forecast period

Europe is expected to have the largest share in the Dosing Systems Market during the forecast period. It is expected to reach $2036.2 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 3.10%. North America will experience a growth of $1,934 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 3.6%. Asia Pacific is expected to have the highest growth due to the increasing needs from water and waste water treatment industries. The need for clean drinking water in Asia Pacific also spurs the need for dosing systems. The countries in the Middle East will have more demand for dosing systems in water treatment as increasing demand for clean drinking water is observed in the region.

Selected Analysis done in the full Report:

The water treatment segment is expected to experience the largest growth in the Dosing Systems Market during the forecast period. It is expected to have a growth of $2351.9 million at a CAGR of 5.9% by 2023. This is due to the growing demand for water treatment in the Asia Pacific. Power generation is the second largest segment and will reach $1636.4 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 4.2%. Water treatment is an industrial process which makes contaminated water suitable for various purposes such as drinking, industrial use, agriculture, medicine. The water contaminants are removed or the concentration of the contaminants is reduced to make it safe for use. Different processes such as settling and filtration, and chemical processes such as disinfection and coagulation are used for water treatment.

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Excerpts on Dosing Systems Market Growth Factors

  • The recent developments in the dosing systems have led to the production of automated solutions of low cost. They reduce human interference and provide accurate injection of chemicals during the dosing process. This factor drives the Dosing Systems Market.

  • Increasing need for drinking water and waste water treatment enhances the growth of dosing systems in the Asia Pacific.

  • Growth of the oil & gas and energy industry will enhance the growth of the Dosing Systems Market.

Key players of the Dosing Systems Market

The key players of the Dosing Systems Market are IDEX Corporation, Grundfos Holdings A/S,

Lewa GmbH, NETZSCH and Prominent Group. IDEX Corporation is specialized in highly engineered fluidics systems and components along with fire and safety products. Grundfos is an advanced pump solutions provider in water technology. Pumps for air conditioning, ventilation and heating are also provided by Grundfos. Lewa GmbH meets the end users’ needs for support in design phase of system engineering and handling of fluids. NETZSCH makes positive displacement pumps worldwide. These pumps are used in oil & gas and mining industry. Prominent Group makes components and systems for fluid handling and water treatment.

Dosing Systems Market Analysis is segmented as below

Growing end user industries such as oil & gas, power generation, and chemical processing drive the Dosing Systems Market.

A. Dosing Systems Market Analysis By Application

1. Water Treatment

2. Power Generation

3. Oil & Gas

4. Chemical Processes

5. Food & Beverages

6. Others

B. Dosing Systems Market Share By Technology Type

1. Diaphragm

2. Plunger/Piston

3. Cavity

4. Peristaltic

5. Others

C. Dosing Systems Market Size by Geography (covers 14+ countries)

D. Dosing Systems Market – Market Entropy

Companies Cited / Interviewed












12. Company 12

13. Company 13

14. Company 14

15. Company 15+

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What can you expect from the report?

The Dosing Systems Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

1. Dosing Systems Market Size by Product Categories & Application 11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)

2. Dosing Systems Market trends & Relevant Market Data 12. Country level Analysis

3. Dosing Systems Manufacturer Landscape                          13. Dosing Systems Market Competitor Analysis

4. Distributor Landscape                                                            14. Dosing Systems Market Shares Analysis

5. Pricing Analysis                                                                        15. Dosing Systems Market Value Chain Analysis

6. Top 10 End user Analysis                                                        16. Supply Chain Analysis

7. Product Benchmarking                                                            17. Dosing Systems Market Strategic Analysis

8. Product Developments                                                            18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis

9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis                                             19. Opportunity Analysis

10. Patent Analysis                                                                        20. Dosing Systems Market Revenue & Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does IndustryARC publish country or application based reports in Dosing Systems segment?

Response: Yes, we do have separate reports as mentioned below:

1. North America Dosing Systems Market Analysis (2018-2023)

2. Europe Dosing Systems Market Forecast (2018-2023)

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Q. Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?

Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

1. Increase the level of data in application or end user industry.

2. Increase the number of countries in geography chapter.

3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies which are of interest to you.

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