Dosing System is an integral part of many industries and has gained popularity in the recent years due to rising industrialization. Dosing is basically feeding of materials into a process or a system in small quantities at intervals to facilitate efficient and effective outputs. This feeding of materials is done using a dosing system. The Global Dosing Systems Market report provides a detailed account of the industry by analyzing dosing systems market by application and by technology. Water treatment, power generation, oil & gas and chemical processing are some of the dominant applications of dosing systems. The revenue of the Global Dosing Systems Market is estimated to reach $6.3 billion by 2020.

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Based on technology, the dosing system market is classified into diaphragm, plunger/piston, cavity, peristaltic and others. Dosing systems with diaphragm pumps technology are set to drive  the Asia-Pacific and African markets for period under review owing mainly to the growing awareness and realization of the need of the complete set of dosing systems. The awareness and experience with the end users in dosing applications these days is set to drive the dosing systems market, mostly in industries such as water treatment, power generation, chemical and oil & gas.

Global Dosing System Market Share, By Application, 2015


Source: IndustryARC Analysis and Expert Insights

The major applications of dosing systems include: Water Treatment, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing and Food & Beverage. Water treatment is the major application in the dosing system industry. Rapid industrialization in the developing economies, such as China and India, has led to the deterioration in the natural water resources such as lakes and rivers of these countries. This may also lead to water borne diseases in these countries as water for end-use is supplied from these sources. Requirement of clean water for primary and secondary purposes is propelling the need of dosing system in the water treatment industry. Burgeoning power demand, urbanisation, industrialization and growing population are projected to enhance the growth of the power generation industry. Demand for power generation coupled with subsidy charges are the key factors driving the growth of dosing systems in the power generation industry.

Europe and North America are the dominant regions for dosing system market. However, rapid industrialization and urbanization in emerging regions such as APAC is set to drive the market demand making this region as a major growth opportunity for dosing system manufacturers. China is poised to exhibit double digit growth during the review period of 2015-2020.

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The Global Dosing Systems Market is fragmented as there are both global and regional players in the market. However, only major players constitute significant share owing to the wide distribution network, brand reputation and positioning of the product. They constitute around 32% share in the global dosing system industry. Some of the players are offering special dosing systems for few of the end-use industries. IDEX Corporation (U.S.), Grundfos Holdings A/S (Denmark), Lewa GmbH (Germany), NETZSCH (Germany) and Prominent Group (Germany) are some key players in the industry. These players have a major market share due to wide and efficient product portfolio. These players are focusing more on R&D to offer products with new technologies to their customers.

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