A Dynamometer is a type of load device rafted in industrial equipment with hefty machineries to measure the magnitude of the power, torque and force required to operate a mechanism. This mechanism incorporates two modes of operation namely loading and motoring. Dynamometers are now offered with an additional embedded integral component called as data acquisition systems for specific applications requiring data pattern and trend analysis.

Automotive industry is one of the main key end user of dynamometers. In this industry dynamometers are used to measure the angular speed and torque of the output shaft. A dynamometer performs tests which include testing of characteristics such as Horsepower (HP), friction horsepower, acceleration and deceleration, RPM, torque, volumetric efficiency, fuel consumption, air flow rate among various others.

The increased emphasis of vehicle safety demands for better and advance testing equipment; dynamometer is one such device. Despite the high installation cost involved with the product the demand is high. It provides as a simulator and provides an infinite rolling road which spins the wheels without actually moving the vehicle forward. It creates a simulated atmosphere to test the vehicle in the road like environment; against heavy winds, bumpy roads and sudden braking.

Dynamometer Market By IndustryARCResearch and development is an important process that drives innovation and spurs growth across the whole industry. The growing demand from automotive industry is driving the R&D activities in this industry. The recent examples for huge investment in dynamometer revamping are of Chrysler; the company invested approximately $2.5 million to revamp a dynamometer. This dynamometer will be used for testing all-wheel drive and 4×4 vehicles up to 650 horsepower. This dynamometer is capable of testing under extreme weather conditions which includes extreme low and high temperatures, rain among others. Many similar investments were made by companies that include Sakor Technologies, Kistler and many others.

With all these investment falling in place the global dynamometer market revenue is set to grow at approximately 7.6% in the next five years.