Egg Processing Market Research and Forecast Analysis

Egg Processing Market Report: Innovative Processing for Convenient Living

What is Egg Processing?

Egg Processing is a technique used to enhance the functional properties of eggs. This set of the process involves breaking, mixing, filtering, stabilizing, pasteurizing, blending, freezing, cooling, and packaging of eggs. The processing of egg is crucial as eggs are seen as a valuable and versatile ingredient used in cooking.  

Different Product Types & Applications

Processed eggs are considered as a convenience food as it eliminates the need to crack the shells. The rise in demand for convenience foods has resulted in the overall growth of this market. Owing to technological advancements, processed eggs are more effectively cleaned and pasteurized, thereby assuring the safety, decreased the risk of external contamination and longer shelf life. Furthermore, the increased use of egg in bakery, dairy, confectionery, as well as ready to eat products has resulted in the growth of this market. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well.  

North America is the largest market for processed egg products

North America leads the global egg processing market. This is owing to the region’s rapid technological advancements in this field as well as rising demand for ready to eat products. However, stringent rules and regulations which are continually changing for processed foods are said to be a challenge for the egg processing industry in that region. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness a high growth rate in the coming years. This is owing to its rapid urbanization, awareness of the favorable properties of processed egg products such as pre-cooked eggs, dried eggs or frozen egg yolks and population growth in these areas. 

Market Drivers

Technological advancements in this market have led to the effective cleaning and pasteurization of egg products. With an increasing number of people receiving awareness on this fact, the processed egg market has rapid growth. Powdered eggs are also made using advanced technology, and these products are popular owing to their longer shelf life. Also, the increase in demand for convenience food has led to the growth of this market as an egg is a very versatile ingredient that is consumed in almost every culture. The increasing application of egg in new kinds of foods, as well as its growing applications in the bakery, confectionery and ready to eat products, have propelled the growth of the egg processing market. The ease of transportation of these processed egg products has also resulted in the overall growth of the market. Owing to the nutritional value of eggs, it is also gaining popularity in sports and bodybuilding applications. The albumen of the egg is used in products formulated for bodybuilders as it is a rich source of protein. The easy availability of these products through a variety of channels is further contributing to the market growth.

Egg Processing Industry Outlook

The egg processing manufacturers, to address the increasing competition in the market, are adopting various strategies. Introduction of new processed egg products seems to be a trend among key market players. For instance, Avril SCA has broadened its commitment towards alternative eggs claiming that all the eggs produced, sold or used by the Avril Group will come solely from French livestock units where the laying hens are reared in barns, or under free-range or organic conditions. The group has already released products into the market that uses alternative eggs. Similarly, Eurovo recently launched a product line named the Naturelle. The product contains pasteurized liquid eggs in a new 250g bottle format.

Egg processing top companies include Actini Group, Avril SCA, Bouwhuis Enthoven, Eurovo S.R.L., Igreca S.A., Interovo Egg Group B.V, Moba B.V., Pelbo S.P.A., Sanovo Technology Group, and Rose Acre Farms.