Emulsifiers Market Gaining Traction from Prospering Food Industry

Global Emulsifiers Market: Demand Analysis and Growth Forecast

Emulsifier is a molecule that is a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic part, which is used to promote stability between water and oil by reducing the interfacial tension. It act as an aerating agent, starch complexing agent, crystallisation inhibitor, and it interacts with other food ingredients. These emulsifiers inhibit clump of residues, redeposit of residue on surface, and allow the residue to precipitate. Attributing to recent developments in emulsifiers, an IndustryARC market research report projects profitable progression in the emulsifiers market during the forecast period of 2018-2023.

Global Emulsifiers Market: Disruptive Trends

  • Growing utilization of natural emulsifiers in skin care products by developing them from a variety of chemistries
  • Huge investments by the manufacturers to produce water-resistant creams and lotions is stroking the market growth
  • Increasing usage of natural emulsifiers in food emulsions such as bakery and confectionery products will continue providing consistent demand
  • Long shelf life, bio-compatibility, and chemical inertness of emulsifiers are some of the key benefits propelling the growth of market

 Global Emulsifiers Market: Leading Segments

The emulsifiers market can be segmented based on type, chemical nature and end use industries. Based on type, it can be segmented into natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic. On the basis of chemical nature, it can be bifurcated into anionics, non-ionics, cationic, and amphoteric. Based on end-use industries, the market can be further classified into food, pharmaceuticals, personal care and others. Increasing disposable income in developing countries such as India and China is expected to maintain APAC as a key region for the players operating in this market.

Global Emulsifiers Market: Competitive Landscape

BASF, Kerry Group, DowDuPont Inc. Royal DSM N.V., and Solvay are some of the manufacturers of the emulsifiers. BASF is a company which is operating with wide range of products in chemicals, plastics, performance products, and crop protection products to oil and gas. BASF provides emulsifiers under a brand name Kolliphor. These are ionic and non-ionic emulsifiers used for a variety of emulsions.


The emulsifier is an emulsifying agent used as additives in food processing. It is majorly used in food applications, and in manufacturing personal care products, which is contributing to the growth of the market for the same.

Complete Report: https://industryarc.com/Report/11704/emulsifiers-market-analysis.html