Food Packaging Market to Witness Growth Owing to Rising Need for Food Protection and Distribution

Food Packaging is a practice to protect food from physical, chemical and biological contamination. Packaging along with the involvement of technology plays vital role in propelling the growth of the food packaging industry. Packaging material such as flexible and rigid plastics, metals, paper and corrugated, flexible paper and many others are utilized for flexible and quality packaging of food. The design and development of packaging technologies are generally influenced by factors like quality, engineering, marketing, food technology, R&D and environmental management. Ensuring food safety and reduced food waste are set to attract more number of consumers thus providing significant opportunity for the market growth especially in developing region. Other factors impacting the market in the developing regions involve growing developments and applications of innovative packaging technologies. Advanced technologies enable proper handling of food products maintaining its quality, protecting it from damage during distribution thus providing a path for market growth.

Usage of fresh food packaging is comparatively higher in APAC region owing to higher demand of products and need of longer shelf life of products. However, Twentieth century inventions such as glass packaging, aluminum foils, wraps and plastics have steered the utility and flexibility of food packaging. New packaging solutions such as bundling, incorporating antimicrobials and oxygen scavengers laid a new path for improving the shelf life of products. APAC countries such as India, China and Japan are forecast to witness a rise in the sales of packaging materials which will open opportunities for the manufacturers in coming future. These markets holds significant potential as the region remains price resilient throughout the forecast period. Fresh food packaging market is forecast to reach revenue of $41.26 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 5.29%. APAC region accounted for around 36% share of the global fresh food packaging market in 2016.

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