Food Packaging Technology And Equipment Market Research Analysis

Food Packaging Technology and Equipment Market Report: Establishing New Standards

What are Food Packaging Technology and Equipment?

Food packaging is a series of processes done for increasing the longevity, avoiding contamination, ease the distribution process, and to differentiate between different food items. These processes are done using certain technology, equipment, and packaging supplies. These processes have a greater emphasis on quality and health standards. These standards are achieved using specific packaging technology and equipment. Examples of food packaging equipment include: cartoning machine, filling and dosing machine, wrapping and bundling machine, etc.

Different Types, Materials & Applications of Food Packaging Technology and Equipment

There are various types of technology available in the market. Based on technology type, the biodegradable packing segment is poised to dominate the market over the forecast period. It includes the addition of biodegradable components into the packaging material for it to decompose. The rising awareness of people who are willing to support the ecosystem in any way possible has resulted in the rise of this segment. However, in the equipment segment, the form-fill-seal machine will dominate the market. This is owing to the machine’s automation, speed, and flexibility. The convenience foods application will dominate the market during the forecast period. This is owing to the rise in the use of convenience foods as they are time-saving and energy saving. Meat products, bakery products, and confectionery products are all critical applications of the food packaging technology and equipment.

North America is the Largest Market for Food Packaging Technology and Equipment

Currently, the region dominating the food packaging technology and equipment industry in North America. This is owing to the increasing use of convenience foods among people as an alternative to home-cooked meals. This rise in consumption of convenience foods has resulted in the creation of different varieties of convenience foods that require different equipment with changed configurations with the use of active packaging or aseptic packaging. This has resulted in the overall growth of the market. However, the APAC regions are expected to be the fastest-growing regions during the forecast period. The increase in demand for packaged food products as well as the increased awareness of the people when it comes to ecofriendly packaging especially in the emerging economies in these regions will result in the significant growth of this market in these areas.

Market Drivers

There is an increase in demand for convenience food products, especially among working populations. This rise in demand has resulted in an increase in the use of such technology and equipment for the production of more convenience foods. Also, the high demand for various foods, especially among the younger generation, is driving the market for food packaging technology and equipment. Westernization of eating habits and lifestyle affecting the Asian region is a significant growth factor as well. People these days prefer to be eco-friendly, and this shows in their purchasing habits. The governments and some non-profit organization always advocate for being eco-friendly, and people are always reminded to avoid plastics and other harmful materials wherever possible. This awareness has led to the people reducing their purchase of plastics and turn to biodegradable material, which is helpful towards the environment. This has led to a rise in the purchase of biodegradable packaging material. This has further expanded the reach of such technology, especially in the developed nations.

Food Packaging Technology and Equipment industry outlook

The manufacturers of food packaging equipment have adopted various strategies to keep up with the competition. Launching new, highly efficient equipment is a common trend followed by key players in the market. For instance, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH recently launched a new product named the Ampack FCL, which is a cup filling machine. The machine is highly efficient and can fill 60,000 cups an hour, and it also complies with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Similarly, the GEA Group have introduced a new product named the GEA CutMaster, which is a flexible, high-speed production machine explicitly made for sausage. The machine offers speeds of more than 160 m/s. The company also claims that this machinery is the fastest and the most efficient in the world.

Food Packaging Technology and Equipment top companies include Robert Bosch, GEA Group, IMA Group, COESIA Group, Ishida, ARPAC, Multivac, Omori Machinery Company, Nichrome India, Adelphi Group, Kaufman Engineered Systems, and Lindquist Machine Corporation among others.