Demand from Wearable Electronics and Smart Packaging Industries driving the Functional Printing Materials Market at a CAGR of 25% through 2020.

Functional Printing is defined as deposition of a printable substance on a substrate that creates an active or passive functionality beyond traditional graphics. The resultant product would have unique features to sense or control the physical or chemical components. The market report consists of detailed study on Functional Printing Market which is forecast between 2014 and 2020 based on several segments including type of materials, deposition techniques, coating, applications and geography.

Functional Printing has facilitated the production functional printed components and systems through the development of roll-to-roll (R2R) processing. Several printing techniques such as Inkjet, Screen and Gravure Printing have been utilized to a great extent in print and graphics industry. The usage of R2R processing allows the print and graphics industry allows high volume production. As the functional printing solution and service providers continue to research and develop R2R technology to expand its capability to manufacture variety of electronic components and devices, the market for functional printing will remain robust and strong in the future.

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The main market drivers for functional printing in the wearable electronics are particularly in wrist wear and eyewear segments. Also, the customer preference on the smart devices is increasing which have innovative functions and technologies to drive growth in the global market.

There is a growing interest among the customers on the advanced technologies of communication, networking and recognition. As wearable devices are often limited in space and size, printed electronic components at low cost are paving new ventures for their integration into wearable devices. The rise and increase in developments in the next generation of wearable devices is expected to drive the functional printing industry in the coming years.

The Functional Printing Market is based on types of materials used and they are segmented into four divisions including substrates, conductors, inks, semiconductors and encapsulants. Substrates are again classified into four categories including polymer films, paper, glass and ceramics. Then the market is segmented by deposition techniques such as Inkjet printing, Screen printing, Gravure printing, Aerosol jet printing and Offset lithography. Screen and Inkjet printing techniques are the major ones

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Subsequently, the Functional Printing Market thoroughly covered all the related applications which include electronics components: logic memory, membrane switches and touchscreens; sensors: image sensors, photodiodes, bio-sensors and others; OLED lighting, printed batteries, displays, photovoltaic and integrated smart systems.

Global Functional Printing Market Revenue, 2014-2020 ($M)

Functional Printing Market

SOURCE: IndustryARC Analysis and Expert Insights

According to IndustryARC Analysis, the Functional Printing Market is forecast to increase from 6.9 billion units in 2014 to 25.4 billion units by 2020 with a CAGR of 25%. The remarkable factors advancing the functional printing market are development in the flexible electronics, wearable devices, functional packaging and integrated smart systems. Key drivers of Global functional Printing Markets are cost reduction, economic friendly and capability of producing in high volumes. Major Industries of Global functional Printing Markets are Lighting and Display Industries, Automotive Industry and Energy.

The major material suppliers of Functional Printing are AGFA, BASF, DuPont, Dow chemicals and many others while the OEMs include 3D-Micromac AG, NovaCentrix, XAAR Plc and many others. Finally, ODMs and end user manufacturers are Thinfilm Electronics, GWENT Corp, GSI Technologies, Kodak and many others. Above mentioned players possess efficient research centers and strong distribution network worldwide.

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