Global Stevia Market is Opt to Grow at a CAGR of 13.35% to Reach $781.64 Million by 2023.

In the Report Stevia Rebaudiana Market: By Type (sweetening ingredient, extracts); By End-use (Confectionary, Bakery, Dairy, beverage, snacks, packaged foods, others); By Applications (medicinal, cosmetics, foods & drinks); By Geography – (2018-2023)” published by IndustryARC, the market is driven by the improving traditional surgical process that has reduced the complication rates in surgeries and shortened the surgical time period.

Asia-Pacific dominates with major share and growth in the Stevia Market

Asia-Pacific is the dominant market for stevia,and is estimated to reach revenue $3207.71 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 8.04% from 2017.  Stevia have been in use in China and Japan for long time and the market has reached its maturity level. North America is the second leading in stevia market. The North America market held 29.2% of sharesin 2017. The North American regions are expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.33% to reach revenue of $2717.28 million by 2023. In End-user segment, beverage is the leading market poised to grow at a CAGR of 8.3%, major reason behind the shifting consumer’spreferences in low calorie drinks.Europe is the third largest market to account $773.9 million in 2017. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.32% and to register revenue of $1250.11 million by 2023.

Selected  Extracts Analysis done in the full Report:

Stevia market has a segment called type, which is further divided into three forms namely: Liquid, Powder and Leaves. The Global Powder Stevia market is the leading type since 2015 and it is expected to continue its dominance for the forecast period of 2018-2023. The powder stevia market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% to reach revenue of $505.11 million by 2023. Powdered extracts are further sub-segmented into Stevia Blend, Steviol glycosides (40%-50%), and Sweet Glycoside (80%-90%). Liquid stevia extracts market is the second leading form,which is expected to grow at a CAGR of9.5% which is the fastest among all and will register revenue of $176.92 million by 2023. The advantage behind adopting liquid extract is due to its stevia sweetenerleaves.This stevia sugarworks as sugar substitutereplacing high sweetener caloriesinto artificial sugar. The third extract such as stevia leaves market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% for the forecast period of 2018-2023.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • Growing population and increasing awareness about health benefits of Stevia is expected to drive the demand for Stevia based products.
  • Herbal medicines play a vital role for patients suffering from diabetes. Organic Stevia is increasingly being used in herbal medicines as this play a role of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, serving with full potential will be a major factor in influencing growth over the next forecast year.
  • Low cost of production and easy availability is a major reason behind the high adoption rate of the stevia products.

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Key players of the Stevia Market

Companies such as PureCircle, Cargill Inc., GLG LifeTech, Tate & Lyle and SunwinStevia held major share in the market. These companies have strong tie-ups with Food and Beverages manufacturers as well as considerable brand image among the consumers. PureCircle has products such as Reb A, SG95, Sweta, PureCircle Alpha, and these are non-caloric sweetener. Cargill Inc., major products are Truvia stevia leaf extract, Truvia Stevia Leaf Extract Agglomerated Blends, ViaTech.

Stevia Market report is segmented as below

  1. Stevia / Stevia Rebaudiana Market – By Type
  1. Rebaudioside A (Rebiana)
  2. Stevioside
  1. Stevia MarketBy Type of Extracts
  1. Liquid Extracts
  1. Clear
  2. Dark
  1. Powder Extracts
  1. Stevia Blend
  2. Sweet Glycosides (40%-50%)
  • Sweet Glycosides (80%-95%)
  1. Stevia Leaves
  1. Dried Leaves
  2. Ground Leaves
  • Fresh Leaves
  1. Tea Cut Leaves
  1. Stevia / Stevia Rebaudiana Market – By End Use
  1. Confectionary
  2. Bakery
  3. Dairy
  4. Snacks
  5. Packaged Food
  6. Beverage
  7. Table Top Sweeteners and Dressing Food
  8. Dietary Supplements
  9. Others
  1. Stevia Marketby Geography (covers 10+ countries)
  2. Stevia MarketRobots Entropy Market
  3. Manufacturer Citied / Interviewed
  1. Cumberland Packing Corp.
  2. Evolva Holding Sa
  3. Groupe Danone
  4. Ingredion Inc.
  5. Odwalla Inc
  6. Pepsi Co.
  7. Stevia Corp
  8. Sweet Green Fields Llc
  9. Xinghua Green Biological Preparation Co. Ltd.
  10. Stevia First Corporation
  11. Zhucheng Haotian Pharm. Co., Ltd
  12. Jining Aoxing Stevia Products Co., Ltd
  13. Steviasugar Corporation
  14. Ganzhou Julong High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd
  15. Morita Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd
  16. Daepyung Co., Ltd
  17. Australian Stevia Mills Pty Ltd
  18. Zibo Inchcape Industry Inc
  19. Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp
  20. Company 20
  21. Company 21
  22. Company 22 +

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What can you expect from the report?

The Stevia Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

  1. Market Size by Product Categories & Application 11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)
  2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data 12. Country level Analysis
  3. Manufacturer Landscape                     13. Competitor Analysis
  4. Distributor Landscape                        14. Market Shares Analysis
  5. Pricing Analysis                                 15. Value Chain Analysis
  6. Top 10 End user Analysis                   16. Supply Chain Analysis
  7. Product Benchmarking                      17. Strategic Analysis
  8. Product Developments                      18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
  9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis           19. Opportunity Analysis
  10. Patent Analysis                                 20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does IndustryARC publish country or application based reports in Stevia Market segment?

Response: Yes, we do have separate reports as mentioned below:

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  2. Europe Stevia Market(2018-2023)
  3. Asia-Pacific Stevia Market(2018-2023)
  4. TypeStevia Market(2018-2023)
  5. Extracts Stevia Market(2018-2023)
  6. End-UserStevia Market (2018-2023)
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Response:Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

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  2. Increase the number of countries in geography chapter.
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