Growing Adoption of Lawn Equipment to Propel the Turf Grass and Turf Solutions Market

Turf grasses are gaining popularity globally owing to its advantages such as better cooling effect, air cleansing, safety from injuries, environmental protection, enhancement by purifying and protecting water and soil wherever they are grown. Climate is controlled at ground level by turf grasses as they cool temperature appreciably, thus working as exterior air conditioners. Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by turf which helps keep the air cleaner. Turf grass thatch acts as a barrier deterring chemicals from entering the soil profile. Erosion of soil by water is effectively controlled by grasses as they intercept raindrops before they disturb the soil and they also slow the flow of water which minimizes soil loss.

Turf grass equipment is facing high competition and is majorly dominated by international players globally. Technological innovations and introduction of novel products such as robotic and battery-powered outdoor lawnmowers are set to provide opportunities for players in the market. Lawn equipment market is experiencing growth in urban areas owing to increasing demand for lawnmowers from the commercial sector such as golf courses, and the rising spending on garden equipment for residential purposes. The increasing need to maintain government facilities, such as public parks, roadside areas, churches, and schools, makes it important to adopt garden care equipment for the maintenance purposes.

The residential sector is projected to emerge as the largest end-use segment of equipment in turf grass and turf solutions market growing at a CAGR of 6.1% driven by the rapid development and investments carried out in the construction sector around the world. An upsurge in the demand for landscaping services in the U.S. coupled with a rise in the residential development in Asia Pacific is projected to spur the demand for lawn equipment in coming future.

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