Growing Infrastructure Investments to Boost the Demand for Cast Polymers, Revenues to Cross $10 Billion by the Turn of the Next Decade

Cast polymers are artificially produced chemically bonded polymeric materials which are subjected to molding process. This results in the creation of various shapes that are unattainable by machining conventional quarried stones. With innovations in the molding techniques, cast polymers are increasing in strength and abrasion resistance, while getting less brittle. They comprise different types of materials including engineered composites, solid surface materials and engineered stone.

Developing economies have lately become the center of attraction among different investors. This can be attributed to the vast potential of expansion of many markets in the region. Urbanization, being an integral part of development, propels the construction industry to meet the demand for residential as well as non-residential structures in urban centers, which is a direct consequence of the influx of people in these areas. This incessant construction calls for an equivalent response from bath and kitchen fixture manufacturers, which rely heavily on cast polymers. As a result, the cast polymers manufacturers face the behemoth task of catering to this untapped market in these countries.

Owing to the above factors, the construction market in developing economies, particularly South East Asia, has caught the eye of investors around the globe. This spells a good harvest for cast polymers market. With foreign investment, advanced techniques almost always follow. This will lead to a wider range of products to choose from, which will be a favorable situation for prospective customers. On account of advanced technologies and superior quality products, the industry is set to register an unprecedented growth in the coming years. It can be safely concluded that this is a win-win condition for the investors as well as the clients.

As per recent IndustryARC analysts, approximately $ 6815.3 million of revenue was generated by the cast polymers market in the previous statistical year. APAC is the largest consumer of this market and is poised to undergo the fastest growth in the world and pull the global revenues across the $10 billion mark by the turn of the next decade.

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