The Growth and Advancement of Industrial Applications have Boosted the Market of Green Coatings

The green coatings market is growing across all the major domains including architectural, automobile and industrial sectors. Industries and factories are the place where in coatings are required to protect the machineries from rust or corrosion and also coatings are large quantities. Solution-gel or sol-gel coatings have been used for almost 150 years as industrial coatings because of the lack of any major breakthrough innovations in this field. But the usage of these industrial coatings posed a lot of problems such as very high cure temperature of +500°C, complicated processing, lesser shelf life, lack of dry film thickness, restricted methods of applying and poor adhesion to common engineering substrates.

In the recent past, with the increasing stringent rules and regulations industrial coatings have also been partly transforming itself towards environmentally compliant green coatings. For example water based chrome free coatings are developed which serves all the purpose of industrial coatings along with low Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) emission. These coatings have also replaced aerospace and transportation pre-treatment primer and anti-fouling coatings. These coatings have been properly assessed using standard industrial tests, electrochemical methods and field trials.

Although the solvent borne industrial coatings takes less time for curing but the motto is to replace these coatings across industries around the globe. The green coatings apart from less harmful have good adhesion properties and have comparatively high dry-film thickness. Weather and environmental conditions, flexing, corrosiveness of the products that are stored and their temperatures are all considered when selecting an industrial coatings. However according to experts’ industrial sector will foresee a growth in high solids coatings that have high dry film thickness too which will further prevent corrosion and protect the metal. Moreover using these coating will also helped in increasing the methods to apply it.

Apart from this, green coatings are also used in automobile industry which can reduce VOC emission from a car by 34%. Apart from being used in architectural and automotive, the market of green coatings is set to grow in industrial sector too owing to various key players who are investing a lot in R&D sectors and coming up with new formulations that can withstand extreme conditions along with proper durability and protecting the machinery on the other hand.

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