Increased Usage of Various Day to Day Electronic Product have Propelled the Market of Conductive Polymers

Polymers are insulating materials. After the invention of conducting polymers they have drawn significant interest of researchers for more than 30 years. The lighter weight, superior stability, resistance to corrosion along with satisfactory electrical conductivity has brought this product into limelight. There are various applications of conductive polymers owing to its diversified usage over various sectors. But most importantly it is used in electrical and electronics sector. Although conductive polymers are sometimes used in sophisticated instruments, their usage in day to day consumer appliances can’t be overlooked. Its usage in light emitting diodes has gained international attention over the past two decades. Using conducting polymers in LED have furthermore improved the performance of LEDs. These LEDs are termed as PLEDs (Polymer-LED) which have improved optoelectronic properties. It has also been used successfully in super capacitors that are used widely in consumer electronics, tools, and voltage stabilizers.

Green energy is also an upcoming trend in the recent past and solar cells are is the option by which solar energy is converted and stored as electrical energy. Several considerable advantages of polymer solar cells (PSC) include low expenditure of production, simple processing, mechanical flexibility and versatility of chemical structure. Thus PSC serve as a renewable source of electrical energy. Apart from all these it has also find its usage in various types of sensors. Moreover since these are actually polymers the problem of corrosion is negligible. Batteries are the electrical product into which conducting polymers guarantees to have the most significant commercial impact. Batteries have various parts which are further improved by the application of these polymers. These batteries which are improvised with conducting polymers can be stable till 7V which is of huge importance for high voltage lithium ion batteries with high energy density. Thus the emerging demand of these electrical appliances have indirectly boosted the market of conductive polymers for further improving the functionality of these appliances.

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