Growing Adoption of Wireless Multi Variable Transmitters set to Propel the Wireless Transmitter Market

Wireless transmitters perform a critical application in the industrial sector. However the high cost of these transmitters has hindered the market. Wireless flow transmitters in particular have high installation costs leading to preference of wired transmitters over these products. However the introduction of newer technologies such as multivariable transmitters that perform multiple measurements in a single device is set to reduce the cost disinclination of end users to purchase these transmitters

Wireless multivariable transmitters have been introduced in recent years.  These transmitters consist of a single device that is used to measure multiple factors. These devices are utilized in applications where multiple variables need to be measured. Instead of having individual transmitters measuring both these factors, a single multivariable transmitter is utilized. This will lower the installation costs and maintenance costs as well as save space in operation. Thus these transmitters are set to overcome the cost barriers in the industrial wireless transmitters market for .

Industrial Wireless Transmitters MarketWireless multivariable transmitters typically measure pressure and flow, level and flow or temperature and humidity. The multivariable transmitters are facing increased adoption in water and waste water management industries as the price of a multivariable transmitter is less than the price of individual flow and pressure transmitters. These Multivariable transmitters can be also used to reduce the cost as they typically perform the flow calculation instead of utilizing a flow computer (which is used by individual transmitters). The market for multivariable transmitters is set to grow as companies launch new products and functionality of these multivariable transmitters rises. The improving technology will result in launch of enhanced multivariable transmitters while reducing the cost resulting in increased adoption of these products.button