IndustryARC, Market Research Company Estimates that 3D Cameras Market is Projected to Witness Steady growth rate of 14.89% during 2016-2022

3D cameras assist in capturing the 3 dimensional images of the object and have been catering its applications in automotive, healthcare, media and entertainment, industrial and many other sectors. Consumer electronics has been turning out as the promising market for the 3D cameras owing to the increasing emergence of consumers demand for the VR and other systems. The adoption of 3D cameras is gaining the momentum owing to the increasing usage in the diverse industry verticals and adoption for 3D video recording applications.

3D cameras used in the smartphones are capable of recognizing objects and detect motion as well as gestures. Increasing demand for VR and gesture recognition devices in the consumer electronics, and integration with smartphones have been increasing since past couple of years. Key drivers for the market include increasing automation coupled with the demand for vision systems in the industrial assembly and quality control processes. In addition, widening application scope and fastening commercialization of 3D cameras integrated systems along with technological advancements in terms of components and its interaction with visual systems have been boosting the market growth of these systems. Additionally, strengthening availability and integration of 3D cameras in gaming consoles for VR experience and need for enhanced imagery in the entertainment industry have also been propelling the market growth of 3D cameras.

However, declining number of launches of 3D camera enabled smart phones in the recent years and high cost as compared to the traditional cameras have been hampering the market growth. Moreover, availability of 2D to 3D converter software to generate 3D content in the entertainment industry has been restraining the adoption of these cameras in the media and entertainment and other industries.

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