Innovation in Bio-Rational and Organic Herbicide Compounds Drives the Weed Control Market

Herbicides are the chemicals designed to control weeds. The use of these materials must be exact for obtaining appropriate results. Proper dosage rate, timing of application, activation, and observance of all precautions on the label must be followed to obtain optimum performance. Each herbicide controls certain weeds or families of weeds. Therefore, knowledge of the type of weed species present in the field is essential for good weed control. An increasing number of herbicides are permitted for use in organic agriculture. These materials are based on naturally occurring compounds such as plant oils, corn gluten meal, fatty acids, acetic acid, and biological materials. The type of bio-rational used for weed control involves several OMRI-certified contact herbicides. The active ingredients for these herbicides include garlic, citric acid, clove oils, acetic acid and thyme. Bio-herbicides are in the developing stage and are a strategic weapon against herbicide resistance however; higher costs are still a hurdle to overcome.

Organic herbicides after the application dissipates in hours compared to normal herbicides which takes weeks to dissociate. May of then organic herbicides are persistent in soil. They do not change soil pH or pollute water through runoff. Many of these products are safer around people, pets, and pollinators than synthetic alternatives. Organic herbicides are helpful as a second punch at weeds that have been fleeced very low to the soil by a mower or weed whacker. They also work well as a follow-up after smothering weeds under paper or cardboard for a few weeks. Bio-herbicides are synthetically produced compounds identical to chemicals found in nature. They may be sourced from micro-organisms or plants. Bio-herbicides can also include whole microorganisms that infect weeds. Researchers in Canada and the United States are developing bio-herbicides that will not only give organic and conventional farmers more weed control options, but also, in some cases, control herbicide-resistant weed.

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