Marine Fuel Injection System Market Estimated to Reach $7.5 Million by 2025

The Global Marine Fuel Injection System Market is estimated to reach $7.5 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2020 to 2025. The marine fuel injection system is the most important part of the marine diesel engine system as it provides the right amount of fuel to the engine cylinder at the right moment. There is a demand for fuel injection system in marine engines for the purpose of monitoring the delivery of the fuel and oil in the combustion chamber. The fuel injection system in the marine diesel engines combines both mechanical and hydraulic operation owing to which the engine gains highest combustion efficiency. The increase in cargo shipping along with rise in demand of efficient injection systems is predominantly driving the growth of the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Rise in adoption of efficient marine fuel injectors for better performance of the marine ships for transportation purposes has driven the growth of the market.
  • 4 Stroke engine type is dominating the growth of the market owing to the higher use in the marine ships and boats due to its efficient performance.
  • APAC is expected to dominate the global Marine Fuel Injector Market in the forecast period 2020-2025 owing to growth in technological advancements, surge in trade and business along with adoption of efficient fuel injectors for transportation through marine routes in countries across the globe.

By Engine Type- Segment Analysis 

By Engine Type Marine Fuel Injector Market is segmented as 2 stroke and 4 Stroke. 4 Stroke engine is witnessing a significant growth in the market owing to the more efficient performance and no requirement of fuel and oil premixing. The 4 stroke engine creates high torque at lower RPM owing to which it is widely used in the marine ship vessels injection system. These 4 stroke engines have separate oil compartments owing to which it does not require premixing of fuel and oil. These factors enhance the performance of 4 stroke engines in the marine injection system. In the 4 stroke engine the power is produced at every four strokes of the piston owing to which the combustion cycle occurs very quickly and engine starts rotating producing wide range of torque. These factors are driving the growth of the market.

By Injector Type – Segment Analysis

By Injector Type the market is segmented into Cooled fuel injectors, uncooled fuel injectors. The uncooled injectors are dominating the market. For maintaining the desirable temperatures at atomizing nozzles the uncolled injectors depends on the circulation of the fuel oil. This has an advantage that it does not cool the engine owing to which the performance of the injector increases. In the uncooled fuel injectors the fuel itself provides the cooling effect. These factors are influencing the market positively thereby boosting the growth of the market.

Geography – Segment Analysis

Global Marine Fuel Injector Market is dominated by APAC region with a market share 39.4% in 2019. The rising technological advancements, rising manufacturing activities along with rising trends for seaborne transportation activities have driven the market growth in the APAC region. The import and exports of food products in particular through sea routes have also driven the market growth in this region. According to CEIC, reportedly Chinas Container Port Throughput had an increase from 216,684,000 TEU to 225,828,900 TEU in December 2018 as compared to December 2017. These factors are fueling the growth of Cargo Shipping Market.

Drivers – Marine Fuel Injector Market

  • Rise in the adoption of seaborne business:

The rise in business through seaborne route is one of the major factor driving the growth of the market. Owing to the efficient delivery of delicate manufacturing materials and other products along with cost effectiveness through cargo shipping are leading to the necessity of the efficient fuel injection system which is driving the market growth. The seaborne routes are chosen for import and export purposes by many countries at a global level as the cargo ships can carry huge cargo through just one single voyage saving the cost of transportation leading to the more use of this transportation. Furthermore, the small companies are extensively using marine trade solutions as they aim for making more profit through efficient modes of transportation. These factors are driving the growth of the market.

  • Rise in globalization and international trade through marine routes:

The rise in globalization has resulted in the growth of import and exports of goods and materials between different countries globally. This growth in globalization has resulted in trade businesses between different countries and import and exports thereby increasing the marine fuel injection system opportunities. The marine fuel injectors are used widely in the marine vessels, marine ships and other marine passenger boats as these are very important for the diesel engine of the ships. Furthermore cruises are commonly used for passenger travelling purposes in which fuel injectors are used widely. This surge in globalization and international trade has driven the growth of the market.

Challenges – Marine Fuel Injector Market

  • Needle Valve problem in the Injector System:

Although the marine fuel injectors are very important for the diesel engine system many times the needle valve imposes a problem in the injectors.  Damaged needle valve in an injector imposes excessively high exhaust temperature which can lead to a fire hazard. Formation of carbon is generally caused by unburnt fuel by the leaking needle. Furthermore, leaking needle in the injector causes decreased combustion efficiency. These factors are hindering the growth of the market.

Market Landscape

Service Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Marine Fuel Injector Market are given in this report. Marine Fuel Injector Market is dominated by major companies such as DENSO Corporation, Yanmar co. Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation, MAN SE, DUAP AG, Cummins Inc., Bosch, WoodWard, Yanmar, Cummins, Liebherr among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches

  • September 17, 2018- Seidel Diesel Group Acquired Fuel Injection segment of Modesto. The acquisition resulted in the enhancement of marine Injection systems and benefitted to the Seidel Group customers in Northern California Region.
  • January 19, 2019- Winterthur Gas & Diesel increased its investment in the development of flexible injection system.