Meat Processing Equipment Market Research Analysis

Meat Processing Equipment Market Report: Processing for a Better Lifestyle

What is Meat Processing Equipment?

Processed meat can be considered as any meat that has been modified by using certain equipment for the purpose of improving its shelf life or taste or both. This equipment can come in varying efficiency and flexibility and can be used by a variety of manufacturers. Examples of meat processing equipment include Food Processor, Meat Grinder, and Sausage Making Machine.

Different Machine Types, Meat Types & Product Types

There is a variety of equipment with different calibrations available in the market for purchase. By product type, the fresh processed meat segment is estimated to have the fastest growth during the forecast period. This is primarily owing to the preference of the people to have fresh products. However, in the equipment type, the cutting machine is dominating the market.This is due to its primary necessity in the meat processing industry. The machine is highly in demand for its continuous use in the industry. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well. Processed pork products are gaining popularity and are expected to showcase a significant growth rate in the forecast years since people these days, prioritize health and pork is one of the most nutritional foods.

North America is the Largest Market for Meat Processing Equipment

The meat processing equipment industry is led by North America. This is owing to the region’s high meat consumption and high export rates. The processed meats also save time and energy of people who lead a busy lifestyle and do not have a lot of time for cooking. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness a high growth rate for meat processing equipment in the coming years. This is mainly due to the existence of different varieties of meat products that need different preparation methods, hence, different machinery. The people also prefer to eat these meat products due to their lack of time to properly cook a meal as well as their desire to try something different and new.

Market Drivers

The rapid technological advancements of the meat processing equipment have resulted in the rise in the safety value of such products. The people are made aware of such standards and feel comfortable in purchasing these products. The convenience factor also is a major diver. Using these products save time and energy. They are a lifesaver for people that do not have a lot of time due to their stressful and busy lifestyles. They allow them to have a complete meal. Along with these factors, ease of transportation, handling, and storage can also drive the market towards further growth.

Meat Processing Equipment industry outlook

The manufacturers of meat processing equipment have used a variety of strategies in order to stand out better from their competition. Acquisitions and partnerships are the common trends being witnessed in the current market. For instance, JBT Avure has recently acquired a new HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technology in order to improve its product line. The company claims that the technology will retain the natural appearance and the texture of freshly ground meat and has a lot of safety benefits as well. Heat and Control Pty Ltd., on the other hand, made a partnership with Key Technology Inc. in order to support the customers from Australia, New Zealand, and India. The partnership uses Heat and Control’s extensive sales and service organization to sell and support Key Technologies’ equipment in the mentioned areas.

Meat Processing Equipment top 10 companies are GEA Group AG, JBT Corporation, Key Technology Inc., Marel, Heat and Control, Inc., Illinois Tool Works Inc., Manitowoc, The Middleby Corporation, Bettcher Industries, Inc., and Equipamientos Crnicos, S.L. (Mainca).