Miniaturization trend in Semiconductor Devices will Positively Impact the Laser Processing Machines

On-going progress of miniaturization technology has given birth to new application in every verticals including healthcare, automotive, communication, and consumer electronics among others. The electronics devices manufactured today provides more degree of intelligence and autonomy resulting in increase in electronic component and simultaneously decreasing the system size. There are various advantages offered by miniaturization of electronics devices including reduction in power consumption, less usage of materials among others.

Medical sector are highly deploying small and advanced electronics devices propelling the growth of advanced processing machines. Manufacturing smart medical devices are emerging rapidly across the globe. The emergence of IoT has completely transformed the healthcare industry. It is expanding the sensory capabilities providing opportunities for the entire healthcare ecosystem including caregivers, patients’ pharmaceutical companies among others. The medical market is continuously evolving owing to demographic shifts including aging populations, longer life expectancies among others. Product innovation and process advancement are the major factor driving the medical sector. Miniaturization has also created new markets by enabling new applications in communication technology industry. Designing complex microwave circuits are significant for numerous verticals including civil, industrial, telecommunication among others. 5G will further create great opportunities for the telecoms sector. The promise of Fifth Generation (5G) for higher speed, greater efficiency and low latency will drive the telecommunication industry and also the miniaturization of electronics devices. Additionally, consumer electronics devices are on surge mainly driven by consumer behavior and technological developments requiring constant innovations. Consumer pursuit for better, faster, lighter, stronger and cheaper products has resulted in miniaturization of electronic devices.

Laser processing machines are the best tools for processing metals, semiconductor, glass and various other materials opted in semiconductor industry. Laser processing machines are deployed for marking and engraving implantable devices, surgical devices, surgical blades, electronic components, among others. Further, other laser processing machines such as fine cutting, welding among others are also incorporated for manufacturing medical as well as electronics devices, driving the adoption of laser processing machines.

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