Multivariable Transmitters set to spur Wireless Transmitter Market

A Wireless Transmitter is a technology that is used to automatically communicate information about a particular system or process to an area that is not connected electrically with the transmitter. The goal of an industrial wireless transmitter is to continuously transmit information so that a process can be controlled and faults can be prevented. These industrial wireless transmitters are used in manufacturing settings to prevent overloading or deviation from set parameters. A wireless transmitter works with the help of a transmitter which is attached to the control point from which wireless signals are sent. These wireless signals which are sent are sent to receivers where they can be read. Receivers are usually fixed at predetermined positions typically in control centres so that the process can be remotely monitored. A transmitter and receiver together are known as a transceiver and are typically found in the automation industry.

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Industrial Transmitters have been in use in the manufacturing industry since the 1960s. After further developments in wireless technology, wireless transmitters for industrial applications have faced growing adoption. In recent years multivariable transmitters have been introduced into the market and are set to drive the wireless transmitter market. Multivariable transmitters consist of a single device that is used to measure multiple processes. These devices are utilized in applications where multiple variables need to measured. Instead of having individual transmitters measuring both these factors, a single multivariable transmitter is utilized. Wireless multivariable transmitters have been introduced in recent years and are set to play a significant part in the market.

Multi variable transmitters are typically used to measure the flow rate. These transmitters typically consist of sensors to measure the static and differential pressure as well as temperature. Based on these measurements the flow rate is calculated. These devices can be installed in processes where multiple sensors or transmitters are required.  Multivariable transmitters have until recently been utilized to define differential pressure based flow transmitters only. However the scope of these devices has been slowly broadening. The multivariable transmitters can include Liquid Level and Temperature based transmitters, Pressure and Analogue transmitters, Differential Pressure and Temperature based transmitters, Differential Pressure and Upstream Pressure based transmitters and Pressure and High Level Switch based transmitters.

The multivariable transmitters are facing increased adoption in water and waste water management industries as the price of a multivariable transmitter is less than the price of individual flow and pressure transmitters. This will also lower the installation costs and maintenance costs as well as save space in operation. These Multivariable transmitters can be also used to reduce the cost as they typically perform the flow calculation instead of utilizing a flow computer (which is used by individual transmitters). Thus the reduction in operational cost will result in increased adoption in the APAC market in particular.

Companies such as ABB and Rosemount in particular are at the forefront of this market and have launched a number of wired multivariable transmitters. However the wireless multivariable transmitter market is largely in its infancy with Emerson, through its subsidiary Rosemount, one of the only leading companies that has a portfolio of wireless multivariable transmitters. However this will change in the next few years with companies including Siemens, ABB and Yokogawa filing patents in the last few years that display their intent to capture this growing market. The market for multivariable transmitters is set to grow as companies launch new products and functionality of these multivariable transmitters rises.

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