Nano-sized Calcium Supplement Improves Bio-availability and Prevents Osteoporosis

Despite of having proper calcium intake by individual, osteoporosis is still prevailing to be one of the common and major bone diseases. One fourth of the osteoporosis disease is related with hip fracture and is prominently seen among Asians. However, proper nutrition and calcium intake can reduce the cause of osteoporosis. A research was conducted by Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Universiti Putra Malaysia to understand the better absorption of nano-sized particles of calcium on living beings, the research suggested that adding nano-sized particles calcium supplements can increase the nutrients bio-availability and thus having good adsorptive power.

Nanoparticles having larger surface area have better physiochemical properties than bulk compounds which help in better circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. To determine better absorption of nanoparticles, researchers prepared two different samples of homogenized milks enriched with calcium nanoparticles. Nano-calcium-carbonate and nano-calcium-citrate diets were tested on rats which were either sham or ovariectomised osteoporosis. After certain period of time femur, blood and faeces samples were collected from the rats for calcium testing.

The findings concluded that rat fed with nano-calcium-carbonate had more calcium serum compared with nano-calcium-citrate diet although the difference was very low. The test also stated that milk fortified with nano calcium particles had better absorbability as compared to big bulk powder. With fewer than 50% of postmenopausal women consuming an adequate dietary calcium intake, it is necessary to persuade them to consume calcium-enriched foods. This project is still in its experimental stage and is yet to be applied on humans. Successful completion of this project will bring a major impact on the economy of calcium providing immediate aid for bone related diseases. Introduction of these nanoparticles into calcium supplements and tablets can bring an immediate effect on patients suffering from osteoporosis and coeliac diseases.