OTC Protein Dietary Supplements Market Research Analysis

OTC Protein Dietary Supplements Market Report: Establishing Proper Nutrition

What are Protein Dietary Supplements?

Supplements are any addition to a person’s normal diet to achieve a particular nutritional goal. Proteins are one of the three essential components of the human diet, along with carbohydrates and fats. A person uses dietary protein supplements to develop and maintain the skeletal muscle. These supplements also play an important role in the immune system. The variety of supplements include herbal food supplements, amino acid supplements, fitness supplements, iron supplements, liquid vitamins, and whole foods vitamins.

How are supplements regulated?

Dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients are regulated under a different set of regulations than conventional foods or drugs. For instance, the U.S. FDA states that supplements, unlike drugs, are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. Therefore, the supplements should not make claims such as “reduces pain” or “treats heart diseases.” Claims like such could only be made for drugs.

What are safety considerations while choosing supplements?

Dietary supplements have a chance of interacting with people’s medication and can pose risks under certain medical conditions. Some dietary supplements promoted mainly for weight loss or bodybuilding may contain prescription drugs not allowed in dietary supplements or other unlabeled ingredients. These factors need to be considered when choosing a dietary supplement.

Who needs supplements?

There are a lot of people that require extra nutrition other than the nutrition that they receive from foods. Athletes, pregnant women, and seniors are some of the groups of people that have a requirement for additional nutrition. These groups of people can intake other supplements in order to reach their nutritional goals.

Different Forms, Distribution Channels & Applications

There are various forms of dietary protein supplements. In this segment, the protein powders are the dominating products. This is owing to the rise in usage of protein powders by health-conscious people. Protein powders made from whey are the most popular segment of protein powders. The soy protein powders are also a rising segment due to the spreading awareness of the benefits of consuming soy products as well as the increasing trend of veganism. These proteins are majorly consumed as nutritional supplements. Increased awareness among people to lead a healthy lifestyle along with a well-balanced diet is increasing the overall consumption of protein products as nutritional supplements. Companies also create robust dietary supplements with different flavors according to the consumption preference of the consumer.

North America is the largest market for OTC Protein Dietary Supplements

North America leads the global OTC Protein Dietary Supplements market share. This is owing to the greater degree of awareness of the people regarding their health choices. Many people from these countries are even willing to pay extra for protein supplements that are priced higher. There is also a demand for different varieties of protein supplements in the region, such as vegan supplements. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness a high growth rate in the coming years. With rising awareness about healthy lifestyles along with westernization of people’s diet have resulted in the overall market growth.

Market Drivers

Using protein supplements have been proven to have many benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and building muscle. These supplements are considered as a health product and are used by many health-conscious people, especially in developed countries. The increasing awareness among people to have a healthy lifestyle has resulted in the rise of the overall market. The rising disposable income of the people in the developing countries has also risen the OTC protein dietary supplements industry. The introduction of vegan products into this line has also allowed vegan people to use such products as well.

OTC Protein Dietary Supplements industry outlook

The manufacturers of dietary protein supplements are taking several strategies in order to stand out from the competition. Company acquisitions, as well as new product launches, are some of the strategies undertaken by the companies. For instance, Glanbia plc had announced the acquisition of two companies, namely, Amazing Grass and Body and Fit. Amazing Grass has a portfolio of non-GMO botanical products in the plant-based nutrition while Body and Fit is a direct to online customer business focusing on performance nutrition. Similarly, Nature’s Bounty Co. has introduced a brand new ready to drink a protein shake. The company claims that the product has 30g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. The product comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors.

OTC Protein Dietary Supplements top 10 companies include Glanbia Plc, AMCO Proteins, Quest Nutrition, NOW Foods, NBTY, MusclePharm Corp, Abbot Laboratories, Cyto Sport, IOVATE, Transparent Labs.