Plant Extracts Market Revenue Projected to Reach $79.25 Billion By 2020 With Cosmeceuticals Being the Fastest Growing end-use Segment

Plant Extracts are chemical compounds having therapeutic effects and are present in plants and botanicals. These are extracted with the help of different methods like maceration, infusion, digestion, decoction and others. They are of three major types, namely: phytochemicals, essential oils and oleoresins. Plant extracts are available in various forms such as powdered form, liquid form, vapour form and paste form, wherein powdered form is most commonly used. Plant extracts having medicinal properties are very useful for multiple applications and end-use industries. Nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals and functional food & beverages extensively make use of therapeutic plant and herbal extracts. They are used as ingredients in cosmetic products, dietary supplements, health drinks, functional foods, natural medicines and so on. The Global Plant Extracts Market is accounted for $41.57 billion in 2014 and is projected to grow at 11.4% during the forecast period according to IndustryARC.

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Apart from different types and forms, the global plant extracts market can be further segmented into different end-use industries incorporating plant extracts. It includes functional food & beverages, cosmoceuticals, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Each of the segments has been studied regarding the uses and functions of plant extracts to provide an in-depth analysis of the overall market.

Evolving end-use industries to increase the demand of plant extracts

A lot of developments are taking place in the end-use industries in order to suffice consumer needs thereby helping in the evolution of end-use industries. One single extract can be used for various applications when used in combination with other extracts or ingredients, for example: ashwagandha extract is used for arthritis, hiccups, asthma, tuberculosis, insomnia, leukoderma, bronchitis and chronic liver diseases. As a result of this diversity, there is a wide scope of growth for end-use industries. Also, because of the rising consumer requirements for natural products, new innovations are taking place related to the varied uses of natural extracts which is helping in the growth of end-use industries.

Global Plant Extracts Market, By Geography, 2014 (%)

Plant Extracts Market

Source: IndustryARC Analysis, Expert Insights

Americas occupied the largest share with 29%, followed by Europe with 32% in the overall plant extracts market. The growing healthcare and personal care concern is resulting into a shift of consumers’ interest from synthetic products to natural products.  The APAC region is forecast to grow at a rapid pace over the years to come with China contributing majorly to the growth. This is attributed to increase in per capita income in developing countries. Consequently, more amount of disposable income is available resulting into higher demand and consumption of products containing natural ingredients.

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In this report, the market has been segmented by geography as Americas, Europe, APAC and RoW. Market size and forecast are provided for each of these regions. Additionally, a detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the plant extracts market and future opportunities are provided in the report.

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