Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market is Expected to Reach $56.7 Million by 2023.

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market By Grade (Homopolymer, Copolymer), By Type (Suspension, Emulsion, Blended), By Application (Automotive, Building & Construction, Consumer goods, Electrical, Piping and others) & By Geography – Forecast (2018 – 2023)”, the market is driven by end user applications such as building & construction, electrical, automotive, consumer goods, etc.

Asia Pacific to dominate the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market

Asia Pacific will dominate the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market in the coming years. It is expected to reach $31.57 million by 2023. This is due to the growing demand for polyvinyl chloride in Southeast Asia. There is a high demand for the product in the commercial and industrial construction segment. China is the main manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride resin, followed by India, Japan, and few other countries. In Europe, Germany holds a major share in the market, followed by France and UK. In RoW, there is a huge demand for films, and sheets from Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Selected  Analysis done in the full Report:

The consumer goods segment had a share of $1.9 million in 2015. It is expected to reach $3.07 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 5.53%. The polyvinyl chloride resin is used in consumer goods such as clothing and leather. It is expensive than rubber, leather, and latex. PVC resins are also used in the manufacturing of raincoats, shoe soles, vinyl records, office supplies, and furniture products. China shows the highest growth of PVC resin in the construction industry. The increasing production of paints and coatings will also enhance the demand for PVC resin during the forecast period.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • Increase in the infrastructure activities across the globe will drive the demand for unplasticized PVC.
  • Growth of ageing population boosts the demand for medical equipment which is manufactured using PVC resins.
  • Increase in consumer goods, especially electronic devices, boosts the demand for plasticizers.

Key players of the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market

Shin Etsu dominates the Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market, followed by Ineos Group. Shin Etsue is the largest chemical company in Japan having its business in three segments, namely organic and inorganic chemicals, electronics materials, and functional materials. Ineos Group manufactures styrene-acrylonitrile polymers. It also produces acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymers.

 Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market is segmented as below

PVC resins are used in applications such as electrical, building and construction, automotive, consumer goods, medical packaging, furniture.

  1. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market By Grade
  2. HomopolymerPvc
  3. Copolymer Pvc
  1. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market By Process
  2. Suspension Pvc Resin
  3. Bulk Pvc Resin
  4. Emulsion Pvc Resin
  1. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market By Application
  2. Automotive
  3. Building And Construction
  4. Electrical

.4. Medical

  1. Packaging
  2. Consumer Goods
  3. Furniture
  4. Others
  1. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market by Geography (covers 14+ countries)
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market Entropy

Companies Citied / Interviewed

  1. Formosa Plastics Corporation
  2. Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  3. SCG Chemicals Company Limited
  6. Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry I&E Corp.
  7. Ineos Group Holdings S.A.
  8. LG Chem Ltd.
  9. Mexichem S.A.B.
  10. Sinopec Group
  12. Axiall Corporation
  14. Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation(SABIC)
  15. Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

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What can you expect from the report?

The Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

  1. Market Size by Product Categories & Application 11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)
  2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data 12. Country level Analysis
  3. Manufacturer Landscape                     13. Competitor Analysis
  4. Distributor Landscape                         14. Market Shares Analysis
  5. Pricing Analysis                                  15. Value Chain Analysis
  6. Top 10 End user Analysis                    16. Supply Chain Analysis
  7. Product Benchmarking                        17. Strategic Analysis
  8. Product Developments                        18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
  9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis            19. Opportunity Analysis
  10. Patent Analysis                                  20. Revenue and Volume Analysis


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does IndustryARC publish country or application based reports in Polyvinyl Chloride Resin segment?

Response: Yes, we do have separate reports as mentioned below:

  1. Americas Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)
  2. Europe Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)
  3. Asia Pacific Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)
  4. RoW Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)
  5. Automotive Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)
  6. Building and Construction Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Market(2018-2023)


  1. Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?

Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

  1. Increase the level of data in application or end user industry.
  2. Increase the number of countries in geography chapter.
  3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies which are of interest to you.
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