Food products that have functional and/or health benefits have gained prominence globally. The increased demand for functional foods in the recent years is mainly due to the growing concern of health and quality life. The nutritional value and associated health benefits provided by consuming food has become a major factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Several products fortified with prebiotic ingredients are available in the market and new product launches are increasing at a faster pace with broadening application base in end use industries such as dairy, dietary supplements, functional food and beverages and others.

The prebiotics market is one of the emerging segments in the nutrition industry with considerable number of applications. Furthermore, with the increasing list of functional foods, drinks and supplements, the prebiotics have a major scope of expanding its footprint in the newly established food segments. Prebiotic ingredients are proven to provide various health benefits related to digestive systems and immune health. Recently, studies have proved the potency of these ingredients even in cosmetics. Prebiotic ingredient providers are partnering with health research institutes and consumer groups to develop novel formulations and applications, thereby increasing the scope of the market.

Prebiotic Ingredients Market By IndustryARCPrebiotic ingredient providers are investing in emerging nations such as China, India, Brazil and Russia considering the significant penetration of retail chains and growing demand for nutritional products. APAC prebiotic ingredients market is forecast to reach $1,815.6m by 2020 at a fastest CAGR of 11.1% during the forecast period 2015-2020. Companies are increasing their focus on these markets with enhanced technical and production capabilities, which will help them to serve the local fortified food and supplement manufacturers better. Global companies have a fair chance to expand their presence in these markets through strategic acquisitions and partnerships which enables them with enriched access and reach to potential markets.