Demand from Military and Aerospace Segments Driving the Global Radiation Hardened Electronics Market Growth at 9% CAGR to Cross the $1bn Mark by 2019

Radiation Hardening is the process of developing electronic components that continue to remain unaffected by damage caused by radiations which come across in high-altitude flights, around nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, during nuclear accidents or nuclear warfare or the space. On the other hand, radiation tolerant devices are those which can operate efficiently when exposed to radiation only when certain precautions and mitigation’s are taken care of. The report takes into account The Global Radiation Hardened and Radiation Tolerant Electronic Devices and Components Market which has been divided into five segments: by products, by material, by product-type, by end-user and by geography.

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Analog & Mixed Signal ICs, Discrete Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Power management ICs, Sensors, Memory, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, FPGAs and ASICs are the key product or component types by which the Rad-hard and Rad-tolerant market has been analyzed in the report. These product types are then further segmented by the make – custom made or Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and also by the materials used in manufacturing: Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride and Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon. The capabilities and specifications of the Rad-hard and Rad-tolerant segments are completely different, but such distinction however is slowly being erased over the past couple of years.

Comparative Growth of Radiation Hardened and Radiation Tolerant EDC Segments, 2014 – 2019 ($M)


Source: IndustryARC Analysis, Expert Insights

While the Global Radiation Hardened Electronics Market is estimated to grow at 8.95% to cross the $1bn mark by 2019, the radiation tolerant EDC market is estimated to grow at around 5.35% during the same forecast period. The combined market size of both the segments in 2014 was around $6.7bn only.

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Global Radiation Hardened and Radiation Tolerant Electronic Devices and Components Market Share, By Geography, 2014 (%)


Source: IndustryARC Analysis, Expert Insights

Increasing preference among customers for air travel and improvement in infrastructure in various geographic regions is creating a huge demand for bigger airplanes. Main companies like Boeing and Airbus are currently shipping their premier aircraft’s with a backlog of around 100 airplanes for the next few years. Radiation tolerant electronics along with radiation hardened electronics are critical components of airplanes as the planes get increasingly sophisticated and automated. Airplanes generally fly in the low-earth orbit and in atmosphere where radiation has the maximum effects and this necessitates the need to use radiation tolerant and radiation hardened electronics in them. Commercial airplanes are hence expected to continue being a major contributor to this market and also in providing continuous impetus to the industry growth.

Companies like STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, IRC, Atmel, Microsemi and so on are the key players in the COTS IC space. Xilinx is a key player in the FPGA space, Unicircuit in PCBs, Novocell in non-volatile memory, Triad semiconductor in mixed-signal/reconfigurable ASIC as examples of this kind of specialization.

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