Rise in Number of Electrical Systems in Automobiles would demand for the Integration of ET Chips for Efficient operation

The future of the automotive ecosystem has been heading towards the integration of multiple domains including Internet of Things (IoT), connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and V2X communication technologies. Envelope tracking technology aids in adjusting the output voltage to meet all system load demands and benefits the power amplifier when battery supply is low while maintaining power consumption by various components in a vehicle. These are used by the RF power amplifiers in the vehicle to improve the efficiency of the wireless communication devices such as devices that provide emergency response services, brake status and many others. The need for improving lifetime of the battery and power supply systems applications in the vehicle is creating need for the envelope tracking technology in automobile industry.

Automotive industry has witnessed significant developments during the past decade with deployment of various advanced technologies such as automated manual transmission technology and investments by companies for software development in smart cars and driverless cars is creating huge scope for the market. Automakers have been increasingly focusing on providing various advanced solutions and services to the customers to enhance the loyalty from customers. Emergence of connected vehicle technologies and V2X communications where the deployment of power IC’s is must, have the need of ET technology for improving lifetime of the battery and power supply systems applications in the vehicle. Deployment of new technologies and the need to enhance power efficiency of an automotive has been boosting the opportunities for ET chips in automotive space.

The use of smart devices like smartphones for connecting to the in-car infotainment system and IoT devices such as cameras, remote controls, smart glasses, smart plugs, smart watches and others also have been creating huge demand for the envelope tracking chips in the automobile industry. Increasing competition from the players in automotive industry is also set to pressurize manufacturers to increase their efficiency and enhance product quality and sustainability. The need for the effective real-time communications, power stability and efficiency has been escalating the demand for envelope tracking chips market in the automotive sector.

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