Role of Online Packaging in Flexible Packaging is Growing Increase the Market for Packaging Adhesives

The flexible packaging market is exhibiting strong growth because of improving economies, need for smaller efficient packages, increasing hygiene concepts and many more in developing and developed regions. There are different flexible packages which are used in a wide variety of industries, but most notably in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The current business environment has become highly competitive as the leading industries are challenged by the demand for quality, safety, and environmental protection. In food and beverages industry, flexible packages are used to pack variety of products, including bakery and diary items, beverages, fish and sea food, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, prepared meals and many more thereby increasing the shelf life of the products and making easier preservation of the food products. Some of the flexible packages that are used in food and beverages industry are paper packages, stand-up pouches, refillable and reusable packages and flexible plastics. Moreover, flexible packaging helps in freezer storage of food, protects food from aerobic reactions, and can be made use in oven applications. Laminating adhesives prevents migration of packaging materials to food substrates there by increasing the quality of flexible packages.

Ecommerce is a fastest growing market and has achieved a double digit growth over the past few years and is estimated to grow at higher rate in upcoming years as the consumer trend is shifting more towards E-shopping. Flexible packaging offers variety of benefits to Ecommerce in shopping for consumer goods – cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, clothing, shoes, even food and beverages. Flexible packaging reduces waste due to its protective barrier properties; also it is lighter to ship and takes up less space in shipping than cardboard containers and other types of packaging. Products packaged in flexible packaging are more protected against damage and chemical reactions if a spill occur during the shipping. According to a recent study conducted Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), a single truckload of flexible packages is equal to 26 truckloads glass jars. This packaging is also helpful for ecommerce brands providing prepared meals and ready to cook food which is fast growing market, which can improve protection of food against infiltration of air and moisture. Other factors enhancing the use of flexible packing in ecommerce is reusable components that easy to load and reload, higher graphics printing and more opportunities to customize the size of boxes to minimize shipping costs. Owing to the extensive growth of flexible packaging, the market for laminating adhesive is also anticipated to grow in the future.

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