Semiconductor Market Outlook

A semiconductor is a material that virtues electrical conductivity between metals such as gold, copper, and insulators such as glass. Some of the common semiconductors used are germanium, silicon, and gallium arsenide. Semiconductors are prepared through a combination of processes, one of the common methods is the thermal oxidation process. Semiconductors also transfer electrons exist in liquid form, they are known as amorphous semiconductors.

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, the global semiconductor sales increased by 13.7 percent and reached a magnitude of around $468.8 billion in 2018. This was the highest recorded sales ever in the global semiconductors market among all the preceding years. Probably, this hype in the sales of semiconductors can be augmented to the rapid demands coming from the cell-phone industry. As per the GSMA reports, around 5.21 billion unique mobile connections were recorded as of March 2019.  The global cell-phone demands are subjected to increase continuously in the near future which subsequently employs semiconductors in the market. Taking these factors into account, the semiconductors market is presumed to witness huge profits in the near future.

As per the information presented from IndustryARC market research report, the semiconductor market size is valued at $420 billion to $430 billion as of 2018. And the market is anticipated to grow at a positive CAGR of 10% to 12% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025. The Asia-Pacific region is considered as the most lucrative region for the semiconductor market. The region grabs more than 70% market share of the total semiconductor market place. The region is considered as the biggest market for semiconductor mainly because of it the largest manufacturing hub for electronic devices.

The automotive sector is considered as the largest application in the semiconductor market cataloging a rise of around 10% in its application CAGR during the aforementioned forecast period. The automotive industry is probably one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The demands for automatic and electrical vehicles has induced significant profits in the semiconductors market.

The information is derived from the report is titled “Semiconductor market: by type (intrinsic semiconductor, extrinsic semiconductor); by components ( seals, filters, mass flow controllers, valves, others); by instrument (collection, monitoring, data measurement, others); by subsystem (robotics, vacuum, power conversion, others)); by process (water production, wafer fabrication, doping, masking, etching, others); by application (networking &telecommunication, energy, automotive, computing, consumer electronics, sports & fitness, others) & geographic analysis – forecast (2019-2025).”

Semiconductor Market Companies: Recent Developments

Some of the key players influencing the global market areIntel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Broadcom, SK Hynix, Micron, TI, Toshiba, NXP, MediaTek, Western Digital, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Sony, Renesas, Apple, Analog Devices, AMD.


The global provider of high-quality semiconductors and transistors invested $2 billion to install its semiconductor facility in Ireland. This facility in the European technology hub is considered as one of the most technically advance establishments of the company. Intel’s 65nm semiconductor technology nearly doubles the transistor density. This provides additional dual and multicore support with the improved cache which is extremely useful in employing the virtualization and security features in the mobiles and computers.


MediaTek is a global fabless semiconductor manufacturing company that enables 1.5 billion devices annually. The company is one of the market leaders in developing innovative systems-on-chips (SoC) for home entertainment, mobile devices, IoT, and other connectivity products. The company announced the Helio P90 systems-on-chips (SoC) with integrated AI processing boost. The chipset is expected to offer exceptional battery life, performance, and camera features, along with AI capabilities.


Semiconductors are an essential part of communication devices such as mobiles, computers, and other electronic devices Emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, cloud computing, and VR contains huge potential profit for the semiconductors market. The ever-increasing demands of electronic devices are subjected to drive the semiconductor market growth.

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