Demand for military aircrafts is rising among the major countries to strengthen their security measure and equipping with advanced technologies. Several factors such as regional security, counter terrorism, border security, threat from foreign countries and strong political establishment are directly affecting the growth of military aircrafts. Basically, there are two type of military aircrafts namely; combat and non-combat type. Combat aircrafts are especially designed by military forces to destroy enemy equipment using their own weapons such as bombs, missiles, guns or others; whereas non-combat aircrafts are designed to carry weapons for self-defense or to carry military forces. Head-Up displays (HUDs) are used in both of these types ensuring better visibility of the outer environment. HUDs are among one of the major information display system to the military aircraft cockpits, providing both additional operational capabilities as well as enhanced situational awareness which resulting in improving aircraft safety.

According to Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), the U.S. defense export has faced strong growth of 9.2%. The U.S. aircraft sales have been increased the value from $420m in 2004 to $52.6 Billion in 2014. Rising Government investments in military aircraft is triggering the need of implementation for better and advanced technologies in the aircrafts. In 2016, government of U.K. and the U.S aircraft maker Boeing signed a series of deals that includes putting of new military planes on order. Apart from this agreement, more than billion pounds has been invested by the Ministry of Defence for modernization of the military flying training in the UK. An amount of $1.45bn (£1.1bn) contract has been signed by the U.K. Government with the Ascent Flight Training to design, deliver and manage the training service until 2033. This training will also provide modern training aircraft which will also consist of HUD systems in it.

Hence, it can be concluded that increasing military aircraft training coupled with increasing Government investments to install new and sophisticated system into the aircrafts has positively impacted the growth of head-up display market during the forecast period.

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