Smart City Planning Using LiDAR Technology

With significant government initiatives for smart cities and deployment of advanced systems have strengthens the need of mapping which eventually helps the planning of smart cities. Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology is currently used for this purpose as it is the most accurate, fast and versatile measurement technique. With help of LiDAR system, cloud data can be utilized for creating 3D city models. Previously, GIS topographical mapping was used that involves single data point recording. With LiDAR’s attribute to capture continuous stream of data has been resulted mechanism to gathering data at faster rate. This factor subsequently has increased the usage of these systems in city modeling.

Smart cities are defined as knowledge-based cities that functions in real time to access to its individuals. These cities involve in catering of daily livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, services along with industrial and commercial activities. With LiDAR mapping technique, an accurate topography of land is mapped which in turn helps in proper designing and planning for smart city. These smart city models are vital for many applications including military operations, disaster management, simulation of new buildings, change detection and many more. Combining mobile terrestrial LiDAR with municipal data is a new approach for proactive enforcement and infrastructure management. Thus, use of LiDAR technology encourages cutting expenses, recuperating lost income coupled with efficiency and transparency in the systems.

According to recent announcement of U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. has invested $165m in smart-city solutions. Similarly, European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) has invested around $235m (€200m) for speeding up the deployment of Smart City solutions in European region. Even developing economies like India are also adopting smart city concept. Thus, need of 3D modeling of smart cities as a part of urban planning has increased the usage of LiDAR based systems and devices.

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