Stringent Standards Upgrading Biodegradable Turbine Oil Market

Turbine oil is part of lubricants market and due to strict regulations of authorities; companies are moving towards biodegradable lubricants. Biolubricants are mainly derived from natural resources such as rapeseeds, sunflower, canola, coconut oils, soybean, palm and many more. These bio based products create clean and less toxic environment as compared to petroleum based lubricants. Petroleum derived lubricants leads to skin related issues for those who are in regular use of such lubricants while working with engines and hydraulic systems but bio products are nontoxic and safe to use as compared to them. Bio-lubricants deliver superior properties such as high flashpoint, constant viscosity, less oil mist and vapor emissions which are better for use than petroleum based lubricants.

Regulations for lubricants vary by region and country. Lubricants need to comply with the national and international environmental regulations which govern their use in different end user industries such as marine, automotive, aerospace, military, power generation and many more. There are three standardization levels for lubricant products; worldwide standardization is implemented by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), national level standardization is reviewed by CEN, the European committee for standardization and the regional level standardization is performed by Afnor Groupe, Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), German Institute for Standardization (DIN), British Standards (BS) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Due to strict norms, many European countries are in the need of bio based products in selected environmental sensitive areas. Biodegradable products are mainly used as it diminishes the pollution and control the leakage in engines, hydraulic lines, and brake lines. Bio based products are highly efficient and hence lower volumes are required than the petroleum based lubricants. Several bio-lubricant products are accessible in the market which meets specifications of regulatory bodies such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

The main reason of increasing demand in bio based products is that these products are safe to the environment as compared to synthetic products and also for optimal utilization of natural resources, which are important for developing a sustainable economy. Overall, the market for bio based products is expanding and signifies an upsurge in the level of employment rate, especially in Europe followed by other regions.

The rigorous standards as a result of aiming to build a cleaner and sustainable environment are playing critical role in supporting the growth of biodegradable turbine oil products market.