Surfactants Market Generating Significant Profits from the Institutional and Industrial Cleaning Processes

Surfactants Market Outlook

Surfactants are compounds that act as solubilizing agents that lower the surface tension between two liquids. Surfactants are extensively used as cleaning agents with a variety of products such as foaming agents, conditioners, dispersants, emulsifiers, cleansers, shampoos, wetting agents, and sskin care lotions.

The rising applications in various end-user industries such as oil and gas, construction, automotive, household, industrial, personal care, and the textile sector has boosted the growth in the surfactants market. Moreover, easy availability and low prices of surfactants owing to technologically advanced processes and commercial feasibility have boosted the growth in the surfactants market.

As per the information presented in a recent IndustryARC market research report, the surfactants market size is valued at $35,426 million as of 2018. And the market is anticipated to grow at a positive CAGR of 5.38% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025. The Asia-Pacific region is considered as the most lucrative region for the surfactants market. The region grabbed around 37% of the global demand share in 2018. The region is likely to lead the market in the upcoming years as APAC is the leading producer and exporter of personal care products. And surfactants is one of the most essential ingredients of personal care products. Detergent is considered as the largest application of the surfactants market registering a rise with CAGR 2.5% during the aforementioned forecast period. Detergent is a prominent cleaning agent that is used in most of the industries for cleaning purposes. With such a heavy application base, detergents are expected to continue contribution to the surfactants market.

The IndustryARC report is titled “Surfactants market: by type (anionic, non-ionic, cationic, amphoteric & others); by the application (personal care, food & beverages, oilfield chemicals, agriculture, textile & others); & by geography – forecast (2019 – 2025).”

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Surfactants Market Companies: Recent Developments

Some of the key players influencing the global surfactants market areBASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Stepan Company, Evonik Industries AG, Kao Corporation, The Proctor & Gamble Company, Clariant, Lion Specialty Chemicals Co, Ltd., Solvay S.A., and Huntsman Corporation.


BASF SE is the largest chemical producer in the world. Headquartered in Germany, the company offers a wide range of surfactants. The company’s sales surpassed the mark of $70,000 million for the year 2018. They are considered as one of the most trusted brands to achieve hygiene in the household and the commercial sector. The company manufactures numerous fleet of hygiene based products, these are used in commercial laundry, dishwashing, industrial cleaning, institutional cleaning, and sanitation. With the introduction of natural and bio-degradable surfactants, the company aims to target the surfactants market from a sustainable perspective in the near future.

The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company is one of the largest manufacturers of chemicals. The company is widely known for the production of its high-performance low foam surfactants. These low-foam to no-foam products provide outstanding detergency and wetting properties, superior food and protein soil defoaming ability, and caustic and acid stability. This low-foam surfactants are suitable for commercial machine dishwashing, rinse aids, and textile processing.

Stepan Company

The U.S. based chemical manufacturer is considered as an innovator in the surfactants industry.  They offer a broad range of surfactant chemicals, including cationic, non-ionic, anionic, and amphoteric surfactants. These surfactants are prepared in such a way that the can blend in esters efficiently. The company is also known for its formulated surfactant blends and custom based surfactants to meet the requirements of unique customers.


Surfactants, also known as surface-active agents are compounds that consist of lower surface tension. These compounds are employed for proficient cleaning, moistening, lubricity, and foaming/ de-foaming of water-based compositions. Globally increasing applications in the end-user industries such as oil and gas, textiles, agriculture, food and beverage, and personal care industry are fuelling the surfactants market.

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