The Usage of UV Stabilizer is Increasing Owing to its Effective usage in Polymers

The polymer industry is one of the most booming sector in present world where in the per capita plastic consumption in increasing day by day. The growth in demand in plastics and polymer due to its indispensable usage have helped in the market growth of polymer industry as a whole. With the increasing usage of polymers, more focus is laid on the efficiency and the properties of polymers that are used in almost all the sectors starting from pharmaceutical to automotive and industrial. The usage of these polymers in such wide diversified sectors demand polymers to be mechanically strong and resistant to all types of degradation from sunlight, rain and wind. The strong and sturdy polymers that are used in the car bonnets and car exteriors are exposed to sunlight for most of the time. But now a days the polymers are infused with light stabilizers or UV stabilizer which are much effective for preventing them from the harmful UV radiations emitted from sunlight. Over time, exposure to the UV radiation in sunlight will degrade plastics. Polymer photo-degradation occurs when non-visible UV radiation made up of short wave lengths breaks down the polymer chains in plastics. This process results in the deterioration of physical properties such as loss of impact strength, changes in color, cracking, loss of elongation and tensile strength or chalking of the surface. Polymer photo-degradation occurs when UV light from the sun is absorbed by chemical groups in the polymer formation called chromophores. The polymer formula may include other additives such as halogenated flame retardants, fillers and pigments.

UV stabilizers have been developed and are added to a polymer to inhibit the photo-initiation processes. The top three types are Ultraviolet Absorbers, Quenchers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS). Apart from being used in polymer technology these UV stabilizer are also effectively used in cosmetics industry in proper proportions thus preventing the human body from the UV rays. These effective usage have led the various big cosmetics manufacturer to use them properly for infusing them into sun-protection cosmetics and simultaneously propel the market of UV stabilizer across the globe.

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